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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

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    I... actually think the album is a little back-loaded, with all the truly great and interesting songs in the second half. The whole thing achieves lift off with "camera roll" and never hits the ground after that, but it was kind of struggling to hold my attention before that and I could have actually listened to more just as it cut off. The song lengths are also a little frustrating; for all the talk about tragedies, a lot of it isn't allowed to linger long enough to really hit.

    That was just my first listen though. It's solid, but I think @theelusivechanteuse might be correct in saying that compartmentalising the album into a linear story is maybe a little restrictive and even a little... simplistic. I doubt the dissolving of her marriage followed a clean narrative. Enforcing one on it for the album means that songs have to be rather singular in their topics or face disrupting the narrative, and as a consequence it makes the songs directly about the meat of the topic more interesting. Am I even making sense?
  2. All I can say is Ms. Musgraves really did that. This is already almost tied with Golden Hour for me, which means it will almost certainly far exceed it once it's had time to grow on me.
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  3. 100% hear the California folk, that's for sure. Either way it's wonderful.
  4. I'm not ready! I have no idea what to expect. The fact that you guys have highlighted so many songs as favourites has me intrigued but Golden Hour was far from being instant for me, and based on the snippets, it's not very dissimilar to that record.
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  5. I actually really dig the way the vocals sound on the cover at the end. A cool way of bringing the new to the old.
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  6. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to listen (maybe tonight if I'm up) but all of your reactions have me so excited.
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  7. Is this going live at midnight on Paramount?
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  9. This is one of the strongest albums of the year. If This Was a Movie.. sounds like a lost classic from the 90s. I can totally hear Orbit here like someone said earlier.
  10. Yeah, just did my second listen and I am fully sold. This is at least as good as Golden Hour for me dd.
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  11. Well, I guess that explains why the Target version isn't red... Pity though.

    I guess I could always just buy a copy from Target, swap the discs, and sell off the orange one in the regular sleeve. Hmm.

    I'm honestly seething that the US store still has not shipped my copies. Then again, they still haven't shipped the Wannabe 25 cassette I ordered a month ago either.
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  12. Well hell. Now I want all three!
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  13. On my fourth listen now and weirdly I’m back to where I was with my first listen. About 80% of it is sounding pleasant, but rather average and banal. I honestly don’t see how this could be considered on the same level as Golden Hour, let alone an improvement on it.

    Hookup Scene is the one for me. It’s so beautiful.
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  14. This album is fucking fantastic.
  15. I wanna take a bite of the blue vinyl, is that weird
  16. The yellow doesn't fit at all, but the red and blue look nice.

    Looking forward to listening tonight. Some of the negative reviews and Justified alone have extinguished more excitement than I'd like to admit, but ... I hope it's good.
  17. Yeah that yellow looks like the RSD Chromatica, I'm not sure why that color has become more popular when it rarely matches the album aesthetic it's used for?

    Thankfully I pre-ordered #1, the way I won!
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  18. The yellow doesn't fit the era's color palette so far, but at least it does look nice. It reminds me of the red and green Shania Up! vinyls, which I adore because they look like Jolly Ranchers.
  19. Eh not really into the blue or yellow. Honestly between the international violet or Target orange (do wanna see a pic though).

    I feel like there will be a difference between the HMV red and Surprise red? Their pics look slightly different
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