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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Don't forget to eep loo in' up, everybody!

  2. I held off from listening to the pre-releases since the album was being released so soon, so I've just finished my first listen with completely fresh ears. It definitely feels like a big departure from Golden Hour to me, at least sonically. I wasn't expecting this to be so downtempo/trip-hop and R&B influenced? Reading that Sade was an influence for this record does not come as a surprise to me because I can hear bits of Love Deluxe all over the place.
  3. On my first listen, my favourites so far (bar the singles) Cherry Blossom, If This Was A Movie, Breadwinner, Easier Said and Keep Lookin Up. I love the whole album to be honest.

    This album needs a few listens but can see it being one of the best albums of 2021.
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  4. I’m watching the film on MTV right now and it is absolutely stupid camp, I love it.
  5. That flute on There Is a Light really jumped out, huh. Loving this album.
  6. For a quick second, I really thought she was going to break into a rap on "there is a light."
  7. I'm... a bit on the fence after one listen. I liked it all, but it is extremely slight. Whether that's a conscious choice or not, there's definitely nothing here that knocks like High Horse or Slow Burn.

    I did find the second half a lot stronger than the first -- easier said, hookup scene and there is a light are my first-impression standouts, along with justified... gracias is an interesting closer, but it and star-crossed seem to belong to another album entirely. They feel a bit stitched-on.

    Looking forward to seeing what jumps out over the weekend.
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  8. This is my album of the year. There is something about the entire sound that is a big yes for me.
  9. Where Golden Hour sounded as open and full of fresh air as the cover suggested, Star-Crossed sounds closer, a little more airless, like we’re inside looking out. It’s a nice inversion of the last go around.
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  10. I do enjoy the album a lot but I find the record to be let down by the production in places, which is ironic as I only read compliments about the production side of things over here. I'm not sure I can explain it well but thanks to Kacey's writing and lyricism being so "country" straighforward and without huge curls, tracks need to be properly supported (by big emotion or from outside by instrumentation or production) which is not happening here and it exposes certain tracks to look quite "naked". I understand the arguments about it being a chill mellow record (and there isn't much more things that I love more than that) but I think this aspect of poppy
    inconspicuous production weakens the songs here instead of elevating them. Not asking for a 1989 pop spectacle, I really just wish it'd go harder in any way - for example the early 2000s route.
    The highlights for me so far are Good Wife, Cherry Blossom, Justified and There Is A light.
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  11. I know what you mean but actually the record sounds very 2000's, the production is more organic and dirty, not overproduced like nowadays in my opinion.
  12. Waking up to the stone-cold boppery of

    He wants a


    BREADWINNER he wants


    YOUR DINNER until

  13. I just came to post about it. It’s a fantastic little companion. Not essential but I would definitely recommend.

    I almost teared up at Camera Roll.

    Also come through MTV Australia / Binge. Fuck a Paramount!
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  14. It’s a good album. I’m not blown away, but I get the feeling it’ll be even more of a grower so watch me absolutely adore it in a few weeks time.

    Im still mad at that monstrosity they used as the artwork. It’s so ugly.
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  15. What doesn't ill me is actually a better title than the real one!
  16. ADM


    My local record shop are waiting on delays from Universal on today’s releases. I thought I had the right idea because pre-orders usually take a week or two more when I order them. Sigh.
  17. rdp


    There IS a light girls!

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  18. Hookup Scene coming to skin me alive. Fuck.
  19. I adore this one.
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  20. The way I cried at the end of „Camera Roll“ only to cry again during „Easier Said“.

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