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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Can't find that one, but this one is in HQ and would make an even better alt cover IMO:

  2. She is so gorgeous, stahp.
  3. Every listen is making me love this even more. Not ONE bad song.
  4. kii at this being billed as a country album at all.

  5. Apparently you get this free tote bag if you buy the album from an indie store in person. It's lowkey cute.
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  6. This album has grown on me incredibly in a short span of 24 hours. After the literally life-changing Golden Hour, I was setting my expectations low for this as I wasn't sure how to approach a follow-up that, in my mind, serves as the antithesis of its predecessor. On first listen last night, I felt like I was listening to a collection of songs. I was missing the flow of what I felt from Golden Hour. On second, third, fourth, and fifth listens however, that flow and the ethereal feeling came back, just quite differently than how I experienced them 3 years ago. The beauty of Golden Hour is that it felt like a warm hug -- validating feelings of growth, love, loneliness, differences, and more. star-crossed does something quite different -- yearning for youth, expression of disdain, and questioning one's own decency as a partner. Recognizing the beauty in tragedy may take longer, but this album still absolutely shines. simple times, an immediate click for me, really hit home with the chorus:

    hookup scene, good wife, camera roll, and cherry blossom are also lyrically gut-wrenching. Her talent as a writer has never faltered, but it's still so enjoyable to see how she's evolved. I would love to see more of her storytelling elements intertwined with clever lyricism heard in her first two albums return, but this is also so well done. there is a light, in particular, might just be her magnum opus and so distinctively Kacey. The absolutely stunning instrumental, along with the spoken word "there is a light" halfway through sets the song ablaze. Genuine magic.

    The film, however...ddd. I'll let that one go. Glad she had fun!
  7. Bit bummed this wasn’t a performance slot, but guessing VMAs came with an exclusivity window.

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  8. I was underwhelmed after first listen. Watching the film last night did make me want to go back and re-listen which I suppose it a good thing. I might wait off though until my vinyl arrives and explore it again that way.
  9. After "star-crossed", I was expecting something a bit more devastating, but the album doesn't move much beyond a placid, plaintive sigh. Like there's little in the way of anger or resentment? It seems like Kacey was turning and rotating this situation in her mind, realizing it was a foregone conclusion and letting go. Very zen! "if this was a movie...", "there is a light", and "gracias a la vida" are my immediate standouts. I especially love how self-indulgent and unsubtle the production is for "gracias a la vida". It travels through time and space with each verse, with the final verse sounding like a swan song transmitted by a dying robot from the future. The context of its conception really ties it together:
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  10. I know some people are a bit disappointed with the lack of emotional punch and/or the songs feeling a both slight overall. But for me this album is a definition of a grower, the hooks and emotions really reveal themselves after repeated listens.
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  11. I'm finding there's just more and more to unpack with every listen, and I've barely stopped listening since it came out. So many nuance's and references I can't-quite-put-my-finger-on. It's the songs that, as some of you have suggested, feel like they wouldn't be out of place in Madonna's Ray of Light/William Orbit universe. Truly not one dud, eh. It's breezy, atmospheric and she just does emotion so well.

    There Is a Light truly is the one for me after numerous plays, but Cherry Blossom, Simple Times, If This Was a Movie (oh baby), Breadwinner and Camera Roll are all standouts for me. Justified is still fantastic. Star-crossed: The Film was also great fun, albeit frustrating to watch live on MTV with the ad breaks.
    Why is If This Was a Movie giving me these vibes dddd

    Star-crossed: The Film was also great fun, albeit frustrating to watch live on MTV with the ad breaks. What a scream that she used the same location as Cheryl's Call My Name video for part of the film.
    It was truly a blast with glasses of Picpoul and my new Slow Burn - Boy Smells candle I bought specially for the occasion.
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  12. I actually kind of love the languid, dreamy, “it what it is” state the album exists in. I know I for one was expecting a much more dramatic, emotionally intense album, but what she’s done here is (surprisingly) just as enjoyable.

    I feel like a lot of heartbreak albums, Back to Black being one of my favorites, have a very fatalist “I can’t live without you!” approach. Kacey’s total aversion to that, lyrically and sonically, is rather refreshing. I said this earlier, but you can tell she’ll be just fine in the end, which may make the album seem disappointing to some, but I find it encouraging and inspiring, if anything.
  13. What I like is that she mostly doesn‘t blame him but also herself every now and then, even switching words from him to me and basically saying: it just didn‘t work out and that‘s ok too.
  14. It doesn't really feel like a heart break album, which the album cover would have you assume. It is more a 'getting over you' type affair.
  15. I'm a little obsessed with what she's done with gracias a la vida. The different effects throughout the song is like Kacey is taking us on a journey through how the song been played throughout the years - starting off all crackly like it's being played through a vintage vinyl player, then it become a little clearer after the radio/tv tuning sound effects, then even clearer after that after the sound of hitting play on a cassette player, then the clearest after dial-up modem sound... It's art.
  16. For some reason the film isn’t available in Latin America and Scandinavia until the 14th. What an anticlimax after just having signed up for a Paramount Plus account to watch it now.
  17. I can totally relate to this album at the moment. My last real break up was two years ago and the end was tragic, very intense to be honest, I used to see things very differently at that time. But my last relationship was a few months ago , even though he wasn't my boyfriend, one day we stopped talking to each other, and my feelings were very similar to what Kacey is portraying here, it's the way she accepts reality and don't deny what is happening and don't take take 100% blame or fault the other person.
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  18. I missed the film due my bike needing a repair (no this is not a leak analogy). So where can I watch it now without a vpn?
  19. Yep, that's where I'm at now too. Everything has fully clicked now. What an album!
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