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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Argh, yes! This has been grating on me a little too. Totally relate the temporary feeling she’s describing, but it’s only a moment of doubtful insecurity being presented as ‘I should have settled for the naff situation’ truth the song ends on that’s really bugging me, it could have been explored more in another verse or something? Ends on a very grim note. Don’t settle for mediocre romance gays and gals! Honestly, don’t. You can just… not do the hookups that are making you feel lousy instead?
  2. When are we getting the film in the UK nn
  3. I think ‘Hookup Scene’ exists within the narrative as that moment where you feel like going back is the easier option than braving the unknown though. There’s certainly a sense past the initial freedom and relief of a breakup where the negatives begin to fade as wounds and the nostalgia returns. It’s there in ‘Camera Roll’ too.

    I think it neatly dissects the often faux empowerment vibe we give people post break up/divorce to ‘get out there’ and be free and wild and a lot of the time that sort of misses that that isn’t really how it works. It’s just a lot of stumbling around finding yourself again and realising other people don’t know you as well as that other person did and that it will be a long time before someone will again.
  4. Hookup Scene feels disastrously out of touch. I thought from the title it was going to be like... scene as in 'movie scene' or whatever, which made me think it would be a song that would almost be analytical or talk interestingly about roles played to cope but instead it's awkwardly preachy until she lamely and obviously relates the chorus back to herself.

    So much of this album feels like the CliffNotes take on the topics presented. Most songs make me think of the many other songs that tackle the same subjects better, and she's not really suffused them with enough personality or distinctness to make me love what she's presented on a surface level.

    At least Cherry Blossom, Breadwinner and one or two others feel somewhat freed of this awkwardness.
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  5. It aired on MTV on Friday, I watched it.
  6. I’m happy for you
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  7. Are you really?
  8. UK MTV exclusivity in the year 2021... ok.
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  9. I've had a few more plays and it is definitely a grower for me. It in no way matches Golden Hour but as its own thing, without comparisons to its predecessor, it's a fine body of work. I just don't know if it's going to be a classic 'album of the year' for me that I thought it might. In fact, this doesn't come close to touching my current album of the year, but I am enjoying going back to it and picking up on different things with additional listens.
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  10. It's a bit beige, no? It's fine but nothing really grabbed me.
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  11. It’s extremely beige.

    I think I’ve given up trying to like it. I’ll revisit in a few weeks and see if that changes.
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  12. You did this bullshit in Lorde's thread and now you're doing it here. lol the audacity of women not being sad enough to please gay men who project all their feelings onto them?
  13. That’s pretty much how I feel about it. I’ve stopped comparing it to Golden Hour. It’s just a really strong album. It doesn’t have to be anything else.
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  14. My criticisms of this album have nothing to do with that or Lorde’s album - I just don’t think it’s particularly well-written or satisfyingly exploratory given it’s claim to be examining a very particular circumstance across 15 tracks. The best moments for me are when she sounds most care-free or defiant, in actual fact: Justified, Breadwinner, Cherry Blossom stand out for a reason.
  15. I absolutely adore Solar Power. I’ve never commented in its thread because it’s always a mess. It’s a great album.

    I’m allowed not enjoy Star Crossed. Just like you’re allowed to like it. It’s not that deep!
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  16. I don’t necessarily disagree with the criticisms offered by those of you who don’t particularly like the album, but I think I am able to enjoy it a bit more because I was never expecting anything other than what we actually got dd. I wanted her to give me another chill album with pleasant soft vocals, great melodic choices and airy, synthy production and… that’s what I got! Kacey has never been the girl to give you Swiftian lyrical intricacies, not even on the acclaimed Golden Hour.
  17. I find it funny when fans try to tell what the artist should write or do. There is only one reality and it's the lyrics Kacey wrote, there is no other option.
  18. After a few plays I’m liking pretty much everything except the last song, while its fine, I’ll most likely just delete it.
    Definitely not as great as Golden Hour but then I never expected it to be. Her albums, to me, are all so different that I can never really compare them.
    Just like Golden Hour, I honestly couldn’t tell you what most of the songs are about and to be honest I don’t care. Sometimes its better to just enjoy the music.
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  19. But it's only been out for like three days?
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