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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. whispers: you do know you don't have to like it right? being overly (and i mean overly) pressed when you don't like something someone has created (and is obviously ultra personal to them) makes no sense to me; no-one needs you to love it, it's totally ok; you don't have to connect to it, nor understand it! you don't even need to be mad (or annoying)!

    i'm still lol'ing at the gays being apoplectic at Lorde for daring to write an album that wasn't balls to the wall circuit party soundtrack; looks like those same kiddies are having emotions here too. feeling so desperately owed by the world is... revealing.

    On a separate note, watched the movie last night. Super cute aesthetic and generally pretty good but i'm glad I'd listened to the album a few times before watching; the way the music is cut up doesn't make for a great introduction to the simplicity and elegance of the songwriting (set against the bombast of the production). the part where she's broken into doll pieces and carefully collected into the ambulance was really stunning and memorable.
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  2. The lyrics of Cherry Blossom are so beautiful and a masterclass, really. The way it's a love song, or at least you would think so. But once you let your mind read through the lines, it foreshadows that those cherry blossoms will eventually fall down once seasons change. It doesn't even need to say it out loud, it's just there and makes total sense.

    I'm not cry-singing.

    Edit: and the ticking clock during Breadwinner. There's a lot to uncover on this album.
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  3. It’s a pop music forum, so people expressing opinions is kind of the whole point and everyone has different takes.
  4. RMK


    This is extremely true, but I do feel those break-up cliches and strong heartbreak imagery were mainly presented in the marketing and visuals for the album, and I can get past that. There's an overwhelming sentiment throughout the album that she knows this wasn't right, and even says on the second track she knows she can make it by herself.

    I listened to "Space Cowboy" today, and that feels more overtly emotional and heavy-handed than most of the offerings across the project. Star-Crossed fits more as commentary on moving forward over anything else.
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  5. I wish she had written better songs about it which Justified showed she was capable of but the rest is very bland to me.
  6. wishing it was something that you'd prefer isn't really having an opinion, it's just whining- but you are totally right- you are welcome to keep saying it, over and over again.

    Did anyone go to the LA pop up? I ran out of time so couldn't make it- but it looked awesome on Insta
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  7. Star-crossed (single) is one of the finest things she’s ever put her name to. The slow build and the stoical nature of her vocals before she starts to break and borders on sounding manic as it reaches its crescendo is so fucking brilliant. It feels like she’s stood on stage performing it to an audience of one - her husband - and she has no idea how to grapple with all her contradicting feelings and so she resigns herself to literally just screaming “star-crossed” hoping he understands the myriad of thoughts she has about the end of their relationship.

    Does the album fully live up to the one Star-crossed suggests it could have been? I think it depends. I really enjoy the idea that we’re seeing a less-travelled version of what a break-up album has to be. Sometimes it feels like the end of an epic love story, sometimes you’re more concerned about what the future holds rather than the relationship you’ve lost, and sometimes it’s more about the break-up with a part of yourself that you’d created that was just for them. And I think she explores that here.* Sure, it’s no Melodrama, but why does it have to be?

    *As someone going through one myself this week, it’s been really comforting having an album that isn’t all melodrama; because break-ups don’t always feel like that and I think it’s pretty obvious she was struggling with lots of her own thoughts, one of those being: “Hang on, why don’t I care as much about this person as I thought I would?”. A lot of this album’s best moments are when she’s talking about herself, rather than the relationship itself. And I just think that really helps understand what kind of breakup album this is.
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  8. I just don’t think you like reading differing opinions but yes I will whine about it all I want thanks for giving me permission.
  9. I'm loving "gracias a la vida", her vocal performance on it is beautiful and the experimentation on the production is almost haunting at parts.
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  10. Any other US cigs get a dELiA*s-esque catalog in the mail with nothing but Kacey merch?
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  11. I still can't get over how boppable simple times is.

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  12. This album is creeping up on me. easier said is soft and subtle but supremely gorge, one of the moments where the simplicity of melody, lyric and music works best here. angel is my biggest grower right now. there is a light feels a bit late in the album to serve such experimental production but it's a real banger.
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  13. I lowkey get what you're saying but this also willfully ignores that dislike is not the absence of liking something but a disdain for a thing in and of itself, and people often, y'know, express their dislike as much as they express their liking of things.

    The second paragraph is....... kind of obnoxious and misses the entire point of criticizing art for its elements and parts. You know what's worse than people lashing out at a pop star for failing to fulfill aspects of one's parasocial relationship with the artist? Actively lashing out at others because they're not enjoying work by an artist you like due to your parasocial relationship with said artist ddd.
  14. Anyways…
    Camera Roll just literally winded me.

    Look at me, I'm living all alone
    And now you're only living in my phone

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  15. I just read about the tragic story of the writer and singer of Gracias a la vida.

    She commited suicide a year after writing that song. Oh wow.
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  16. Very excited to see what she gives us at the VMAs. We were so spoiled with her promotion of Golden Hour. I think pretty much every track got a televised performance across the album cycle. Hopefully we get something similar with this campaign, but in the short run I'm just looking forward to hearing justified live at last.
  17. Yes ma’am.

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  18. Golden Hour does have some wise voice consciousness of sorts. The Pitchfork brief
    hits it right, but star-crossed got its own lane. Everything feels a little more... dreamy and """dystopic""".

    I guess I didn't keep high expectations over "a tragedy in three acts" or "It's the divorce album!" while the song-crafting does hold it high for me. It's all very subtle, but I feel a strong care over the music as a whole that kinda makes up for some of the lyrics. The "GoOd WifE" vocoder, the japanese guitar\strings in "cherry blossom", the buildup in "angel" and "gracias a la vida" as a whole... there's a lot to unpack here, just like some of my favorite moments from Golden Hour. "if this was a movie" lyrics are clichés but the song is just... so amazing. A vibe.

    Just like Solar Power, it just feels like marketing not being honest\right on point about it dd. But the songs here are better and packed with layers.
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