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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Star-Crossed has once again proven that she is a fantastic artist. It’s less dreamy and has more peaks and valleys than the previous album. But it’s still a really strong statement.

    Has anyone here tried to be creative when going through a huge break-up? It’s really hard, so hat’s off to her for this.
  2. Uh-huh
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  3. It is a great album, it may take some time for me to connect with it as much as Golden Hour though. As a "divorce album" - it is a bit harder for me to relate to, but that's obviously no fault of hers.
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  4. It feels like more of a triumph than it leads on to be. There's so many layers beyond the light production, which in hindsight creates a nice juxtaposition between the serious / darker subject matter.

    I still get why people don't like it as much but I'm glad it clicked with me.
  5. "what doesn't kill me" is a banger and she sounds ethereal.
  6. This album is about the quieter moments of heartbreak: crying in the car, stumbling on an old photograph, when you get caught thinking about what you could have done differently. It is not a big melodramatic album, but her observations are deft in their exploration of how things just fall apart sometimes.

    Anyways I just left a five year relationship and I'm miserable. <3
  7. Angel is the only skip. For an album that is no husband just vibes it’s a vibe killer.
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  8. For me it's all about her vocals. They're just so clear. I believe every word.
  9. As much as I'm enjoying the album, I do think justified threatens to nearly eclipse everything around it by being a subtly massive pop song. It obviously provides a narrative through line so I'm not sure where else I'd slot it on the album but between two of the most restrained moments on an already low key album it gives me a bit of whiplash every time.
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  10. 70K+ is a great debut for her. Also hoping that the album release boost gets Justified onto the Hot 100 this week after it bubbled under last week.
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  11. RMK


    Justified has remained in the Top 50 for a few days now. Hopefully she can get on Todays Top Hits.
  12. RMK


    Had no idea she was dating someone else.

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  13. Maybe that's why she wasn't that dramatic kii.
  14. To follow-up on @Jwentz's lacking explanation post about Katricia and Kacey, I do think that there are some parallels between the second half of PRISM and here in that they're both easy-listening and both Katy and Kacey have a somewhat over-reliance on cliched metaphors and similies.

    They both were also originally marketed as something a bit more dark as a divorce album and then actively was far more ~let the light in~.

    That said, that remark about how Kacey writes like she's the first person to discover a truth about the world has merit in that cliches from her seem far more profound and she has a way of turning them on their head a bit. Kacey's roots in country writing also allows her to maybe thread a line through the cliches better than Katy.

    They're honestly people I'd love to see work together past their crossroads episode!

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  15. I think the simple difference is Kacey is a good songwriter and Katy is not.
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  16. woops you got me, i'm a glib bitch! anyways, here are songs that I think show Katy Perry can use cliches and imbue them with emotion which I believe Kacey is very talented at.

    Do I think that the assertion that this is just PRISM without Dr. Luke and on acid (mostly because I don't think it's quite as radical as say, acid would suggest.) is correct? No. Do I think there is an understandable comparison there? Sure!
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  17. I don't get why people don't seem to like Angel. I think it's really pretty.

    Oddly, right now, Breadwinner is probably the one I enjoy the least. I'm not sure why. It just doesn't seem to fit as well into the sonic flow of the record for me and sounds more like something from her earlier albums. I'm sure that will change though.
  18. Okay but who’s seen the film? I’m watching right now and it’s amazing. I love the surreal imagery and storytelling. It’s quite funny in many bits too. A must see and made me appreciate the album more as well.
  19. Well I still haven't seen it as I watched MTV Netherlands back when it was supposed to air, but there was none of the film, just Ridiculousness.. Urgh *:(* it is ridiculous indeed.
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