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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Finally listened to the whole album. I’m admittedly a bit underwhelmed. High points for me are Justified, Cherry Blossom, There Is A Light (yes to whoever said it reminded them of Never Give Up On the Good Times) and If This Was A Movie. The rest I liked well enough but a lot of it blended together. Breadwinner had underwhelming production. Overall I felt like the album was just ok.

    Still, I have the vinyl so she got my money.
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  2. I enjoyed it on first listen but I’ve honestly loved it more on every subsequent listen.
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  3. He wants a


    I'm stuck on repeat with this one. Would be an amazing third (?) single.
  4. Cannot believe she almost didn’t include breadwinner

  5. RMK


    Her thoughts makes the omission in the film make more sense. She really wasn't in the place to make a breakup album of drama or malice. She's really over this man, and it shows.
  6. Ddddd it's lowkey kinda funny.
  7. Gayle King: You said you really wanted to go there and take us there.
    me: You know, a Kacey cover of Like a Prayer would SLAP.
  8. The film is… not good. Still love the album!
  9. I’m lukewarm on the album like many but the Chris de Burgh “Lady in Red” intro of “Easier Said” is honestly how every song should begin.

    There are a few solid classics on here.
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  10. Blasting this album through the open windows of my rental car as I take a solo drive through rural Pennsylvania en route to my friend’s doomed heterosexual wedding that I in no way support, condone or endorse… the rainbow of feels.
  11. Interesting that this album seems to have really divided people. I definitely think it's a grower not a shower. But it doesn't come close to Golden Hour but then... does it need to? It's like when Madonna fans always want her to do something as good as Ray of Light or Alanis to do something as good as Jagged or Avril to do another Under My Skin etc. I think Golden Hour was just a perfect moment for Kacey but she may never top that album.
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  12. I'd normally invalidate any criticism with 'you're all just haterz!' but, given Golden Hour could classify as some of the most beautiful music ever created, anything you'd follow up with would be held at an immense standard or be seen distorted by those who want it to be a worthy follow-up for the sake of keeping the streak.

    The connection I had with Golden Hour is unmatched and it opened the gates for me to be come a Kacey stan and discover the rest of her catalogue. I think I have to sit with the album for a bit before I make any opinion. That said, I clapped after listening to the final moments of 'gracias a la vida' on my first album spin and the storytelling is superb throughout.

    I managed to watch the film in the end and I thought it was a grand slam. Crazy to think Kacey went from doing cute little country albums to a long form music video experience. Getting the budget she deserves is the most wholesome thing of the era. I'm glad her record companies believe in her and I hope they continue to support her artistry after this campaign is over.
  13. You went there!!!

    Imma need someone’s jawline to chap my lips too.
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  14. Is the vinyl (any vinyl) of this all with the fold out locket gatefold or naw?
  15. I think upon reflection, the theme of Golden Hour just suits her personality and inclinations as a romantic and an optimist, so it’s probably not a surprise that that album was her masterpiece, while star crossed isn’t quite as emotionally affecting as a listener. That and, it’s very, very hard to make two all-time great albums in a row.

    But while it may not hit the highs of Golden Hour, there isn’t a skippable track here and it’s all I’ve listened to since release. And songs are growing on me, favourites are switching etc. It’s currently my album of the year, and have a strong chance of finishing that way.
  16. Yes, all variants have that. My JPC red 'exclusive' just arrived and she's gorg.
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  17. What if she kept the positivity and named her divorce album "Silver Lining" after "Golden Hour"?
  18. Well, that might've been a bit awkward

  19. If I see another post singling out angel for being "boring" by some satanic heathen on this godforsaken forum I swear... y'all faves WISH to be as blessed in terms of melody, raw emotion and storytelling efficacy. The DEPTH contained in her wish to be a supernatural being just so she could avoid the inevitable change that comes with passing seasons, which she dreaded like five tracks before it on cherry blossom... but knowing that some things got to change. If they didn't, there would be no tragedy, right? Just like in Romeo and Juliet, the tragedy has not much to do with love, it's to do with time and transience. The letter comes too late, the lovers meet at the wrong time, because no time can be right, seeing that it always passes anyway. The simplicity of the song's arrangement only adds to its tragic power.

    But whatever, I imagine you are busy doing things you will regret next time hookup scene comes on.
  20. Catching up on the reception (not just here) and NOT the dramatic gays complaining about this not being 'push me to the edge'-y enough for them to spiral.

    The woman was married, it didn't work out, then she was fine and made a fantastic record.
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