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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Yes. Thankyou. You're spreading the angels' gospel. Loving this academic reading of the holy text.

    Gorgeous song. The warmth of the guitar, the sheer delicacy of her vocals... do I melt? Maybe so.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gracias A La Vida stuns me every time - that’s an album closer.
  3. I don't know girls, the more I listen to it the more I'm convinced this is the weakest album in an incredibly strong discography. I think the general tone is fine in theory, even somewhat inspired, but it doesn't leave much to unpack when it's the centerpiece of the album.
  4. You must be listening to another album.
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  5. Says the Sling stan!
  6. I probably rank it third after Golden Hour and Pageant Material. But I still love it.
  7. Her version of Gracias A La Vida is absolutely haunting. It's hard to beat Mercedes Sosa's definitive version but I really like the direction Kacey went with it.
  8. For as cool as it is, I have found that the tri-fold vinyl jacket is a bit tedious as you have to open it to get the disc back inside after playing it. (First world problems.)

    That being said, I'm a bit cross she didn't do the same with the cassette (a la Golden Christmas edition) and especially the CD, which would have been perfectly easy!
  9. Following up Golden Hour was a herculean task but for me, this album successfully does that. I'm so obsessed with the way it's produced - Kacey sounds gorgeous and I love how texture is used throughout to make it feel so...lived-in? "if this was a movie.." is a career highlight.
  10. All of the songs continue to grow & evolve on multiple listens- and whilst Angel remains my least favorite, I love the emerging whimsy of her refrain 'then I'd never have to change,' even though her vocal performance tells us she knows change was imminent one way or another. She nails the feeling of regretting something even though it was ultimately what needed to happen.
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  11. Using Clairo to respond, hilarious. Still think Sling is great.
  12. It was a joke sis, I know I'm in the minority on star-crossed so I was poking fun at you as the resident stan for Clairo's exercise in resetting the circadian rhythm.
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  13. I love the album too, sis, but you're like a dog with a bone. These repetitive comments are more obnoxious than anyone's middling/negative reviews.
  14. Why does Sling keep getting shit on in every thread ddd it’s good.
  15. She’s sold out MSG. That’s my girl!
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  16. Sling is indeed a chore. Now that is an album that did not make me spiral.
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  17. It might just be me but it feels weird to compare her last two albums to her first two besides the fact that they’re all made by Kacey. She feels like such a different artist post Pageant Material. I do miss the country, kitschy charm but she’s evolved so much. A very nice transition.
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  18. Curious, do available Platinum tickets count as sold?
  19. Dead at more Sling shade.

    Just joining in the convo to say Sling is trash.

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