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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Platinum tickets always confuse me on there. I don't understand the policy, but she tweeted the tour poster with three sold-out dates. I wonder if she's gonna drop any VIP packages. Doesn't seem to be any in sight.
  2. While I do agree sonically she's evolved to more intricate soundscapes, I don't think her writing has really evolved? She's always been gifted so that isn't even shade, but @theelusivechanteuse spilled a while back when they said Merry Go Round is still her best written song.
  3. Hmm yeah there are still a bunch of Platinum and single standard tickets available…
  4. Well platinum tickets are actually just good seats Ticketmaster sets aside to sell at higher costs so yes they count as sold and not part of the nights bulk ticket sum.
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  5. If anything I think her writing has regressed. But that might just reflect the assignment for this album (e.g. melancholy).

    Her lyrics have always been on-the-nose and kinda corny, but she manages to squeeze out the profound somehow. Butterflies is brilliant in retrospect:

    The world play/melody combo on the "Untangled..." line is *chef's kiss*.
  6. The ascending chords on 'angel' at the 1:50 mark are heavenly.

  7. Every single play I can’t get over how she delivers “you give me butterflies” like the most thrilling thing in the world.
  8. While we’re having this conversation, It Is What It Is absolutely bodies hookup scene songwriting-wise.

    I think we're thinking too hard
    So put on your shoes and get in your car
    Put it in drive and point it this way
    We don't have to talk, you don't have to stay

    But I ain't got no one sleeping with me
    And you ain't got nowhere that you need to be
    Maybe I love you, maybe I'm just kind of bored
    It is what it is 'til it ain't anymore

    hookup scene feels so cliche in comparison. Like she knew what kind of song she wanted to write in abstract vs. It Is What It Is feeling like a real life experience put on record.
  9. It’s not all about lyrics. Personally I find the actual music far more important. The melody and vocals on Hookup Scene are so, so beautiful. Goosebumps stuff.
  10. It Is What It Is and hookup scene have different MOs though. hookup scene uses a one night stand as the setup for spiralling back into nostalgia and regretting letting go of an ex. It has context that takes it somewhere else. The end of the second verse always knocks me down, especially the last line.

    and I get in my head, analyzing what I had
    it's a chapter that ain't coming back
    I could have learned to love it more
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  11. I just remembered little miss "Keep It to Yourself", what a pretty way to say 'fuck you'.
  12. The Golden Hour-ified version of that song on the tour was heavenly
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  13. If this was a movie is the moment to me right now. Love how lush it is, and that moment after the chorus, whew.
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  14. The setlist she is going to have for this tour. The quality. The art. I cannot wait.
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  15. Was always a big fan of the lyrics on this Kacey co-write for Nashville too.

  16. Kacey co-writes you say?

    More on topic, if this was a movie... is blossoming lately for me. That "fall back into place" line into the chorus refrain is so damn dreamy.
  17. I think camera roll is the one for me at the moment.

    Look at me, I'm living all alone
    And now you're only living in my phone

    is transcendental
  18. RMK


    Breadwinner seems to be getting more playlisting. Here for it.
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  19. Nn watch breadwinner take off and she ends up fully resenting it. (It's in her top 5 now...here come the smasha)
  20. I’ve watched the film and… I’m confused.
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