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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. waiT I had no idea Kacey co-wrote this?! A fave.
  2. So she ended up at #10 on the UK albums chart. Not bad considering she's still fairly niche here and there were some big hitters released this week.
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  3. Bring on the UK promo.
  4. good wife is the best song here and the vocal effect combined with the guitar on the hook will probably be copied by a dozen other pop songs soon.

  5. Someone probably already mentioned this, but the little guitar in 00:46 of star-crossed comes from a Golden Hour song, doesn't it? I think it's from Slow Burn. I love that little nod.
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  6. I saw an interview where she mentioned loving Sade. You can definitely hear her influence in the melody of Good Wife. Taste!
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  7. The only even vaguely Sade influence I hear anywhere is the vaguely early 90s beat on Easier Said... and that is a stretch
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  8. She sites Lover's Rock as an album growing up listening to all the time and...I can really hear that sound a lot across this album? Especially in the way she sings.
  9. Any idea how to watch the film in mainland Europe and without a vpn? My inbox is open
  10. Ditto this!
  11. Not only that but it’s still her harmonies on it. She’s also got her own version, which I think is still on Spotify.
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  12. RMK


    Breadwinner is now out-charting Justified. When the world forces her to drag her ex >
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  13. Having listened to the album regularly since its release, I genuinely feel it's right up there with Golden Hour for me. It didn't feel that way at first, but I absolutely adore it now. I couldn't fault it to be honest.
  14. We really don’t appreciate angel enough. The simplicity of the production, gorgeous vocals, and that melody of the chorus is always stuck in my head. Such a beautifully vulnerable song
  15. Yeah I can hear Sade in her delivery - not that she sounds like her, just that Kacey's vocals are as clear and understated while serving a lot of emotional layers as hers here.
  16. I got my Simple Times catalog today! I'll scan and upload it somewhere this week so you can all see it. It's cute, and has photos of some upcoming merch too. Kacey gets it.

    The photos in it are from the same shoot as the video on her webstore. And speaking of her webstore, why did it take the vinyl box selling out for me to realise I actually did want it? Sigh.

    • "Star-crossed" definition/cloud background tank top
    • Good Wife necklace
    • Tan definition sweatshirt and sweatpants
    • Lavender "star-crossed" beanie
    • White cropped hoodie with veil photo in monotone red
    • Black "simple times" T-shirt
    • Blue velour "good wife" track set (full-zip cropped hoodie jacket, pants, and sports bra)
    • Angel photo jigsaw puzzle
    • Pocket chain with K and broken heart charms
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  17. I’m warming up to the album as temperatures cool. It sounds like a cozy soundtrack to a late ‘90s/early ‘00s Wes Anderson or Sofia Coppola film that I would have stanned in high-school.

    “Camera Roll” is the one.
  18. The album gets better each listen, it's a definite grower, especially now that I've removed gracias a la vida. The strong point of the album is Kacey herself. She never oversings and some of these songs just soar with her vocals.

    It's no Golden Hour but it's a damn good follow-up.
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  19. Breadwinner isn’t one of my top favorites here, but I find it funny it’s out-streaming the first single.

    (Then again, Simple Times feels more like a single than Justified to me as well…)
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  20. I finally got around to watching star-crossed and they really left out some of the best songs huh?
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