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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Not sure how that is a perfect set list when she's almost completely ignoring her first two albums. I mean, I get wanting the show to be Golden Hour/star-crossed focused, but she could at least do two or three of the debut/sophomore big singles.
  2. I definitely think Follow Your Arrow deserves to be a setlist mainstay for her, but at the same time I can't really fault that setlist too much. I'd argue she has too many rest songs of her own to waste time on a cover, but the whole song selection thing is obviously fun for her and means she can switch up shows slightly.

    Anyway, I'm based in Europe so I don't have to worry myself too much about her setlist choices ddd.
  3. Is there any word on some UK tour dates? Really hoping so.
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  4. I feel like somebody to love, fine and it is what it is would fit the narrative
  5. A solo version of Easy and Merry-Go-Round would slot nicely into that setlist and provide a little better variation. I also agree that Follow Your Arrow is missed.
  6. Oh my god, that setlist is perfect, please can she do some UK dates! Primavera is long sold out, I can't believe she's only gonna do 3 European festival slots.
  7. She really said FUCK Pageant Material.
  8. “What doesn’t kill me” getting paid dust yet again.
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  9. Just noticed no what doesn't kill you , what the fuck
  10. I love Kelly Clarksgraves.
  11. The hit that got away. And I'm guessing we lost Oh, What a World and Love Is a Wild Thing in the divorce. Two amazing "happily in love" songs.
  12. Her business casual ensemble last night was something…
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  13. A tarot deck?! The vinyl box set?!

    Find me Venmo-ing my boss money to buy these for me when she goes to the show.
    She and I have something in common.
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  14. She did Merry Go Round but yeah I mentioned easy would have helped a bit and was very surprised Follow Your Arrow wasn’t there
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  15. “Miserable” would have been a perfect addition.
  16. Oh fuck
  17. Kinda screaming at just how much merch this woman is constantly moving… candles, cards, clothes, hankies! Look at the piles and piles of things in each of those photos.

    A business-woman scammer breadwinner!
  18. Setlist is awful short, no? I hope she does wind up adding some more in a couple weeks time for my show at MSG.
  19. She loves robbery AND fraud!
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