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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. R92


    Now I'm not as sad that this isn't in Europe/UK.

    Her inclusion of "Die Fun" (lowkey her best song but don't @ me), "Family is Family," and "High Time" at the tour for Golden Hour made me excited to delve into Pageant Material, which is now one of my most regularly listened-to albums.
  2. Fine from Pageant Material would've been a fantastic inclusion in a part of the show about the dissolution of her marriage and coming to terms with it. I haven't watched videos but the whole thing feels a bit hodge podge. I've seen her live before and I questioned the ability to carry a capitol P Pop arena show.
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  3. No "High Time" hurts. It was such a moment during her Golden Hour tour.
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  4. It doesn't necessarily make sense with the theme of her current album but any snubbing of Late to the Party feels homophobic.
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  5. “Back on the Map” would have fit wonderfully too but she hasn’t played it since the STDP tour so I don’t expect it to ever pop up again.
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  6. not this being her literal concert outfit too. Also the ugliest shoes I’ve seen on a stage. She really said comfort.
  7. No Follow Your Arrow? Very strange…
    Ive been getting into this album lately, much more than I did on release. It’s pretty great actually, I’d still rank it below her first 3, but they’re all so strong it’s hardly a bad thing.
  8. And still managed to trip at one point!
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  9. Oop the setlist didn’t sell me on going when/if it comes to the UK.
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  10. Gays in the Midwest, East Coast and LA*
  11. *cries in mainland Covid Europe*
  13. Yeah that set list doesn’t inspire me especially as a big fan of the debut. Dandelion came on shuffle this weekend and i felt my heart shatter
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  14. Hair down and in leather? We Stan.

  15. I know that market is oversaturated with Robert's designs now, but this would make an amazing album cover too
  16. Screaming that in literally the next show, she looks far better than ours.
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  17. Contemplating whether I want to go see her next week in the middle of a global panamarama. Shakira_hovering_over_a_button.gif
  18. You definitely should. She was amazing last night!
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  19. There are a LOT of tix left in Atlanta and I do like King Princess so maybe I need to schlep out of the apt and go see ha. She seems to be mixing up the cover every night, it was Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on the 2nd date instead of No Scrubs.
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  20. I think it's a jukebox request thingie and someone gate to pick among 4-5 cover suggestions.
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