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Kacy Hill - Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. New collaboration out now:

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  2. Imagine if everything was as good as "Someone Else" and "Arms Length!?" Or even if it lived up to such a clever EP title...
  3. I think this is my favorite album released this year. (along The Weeknd's After Hours and Phoebe Bridgers' Punisher)
  4. The first single from her new album is out tonight. Co-produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Jim E-Stack.
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  5. Another new song out. Ethan Gruska of Phoebe Bridgers fame co-produced it with Kacy and Jim E-Stack.
  6. Sorry for triple posting nn, but apparently her next album is titled Simple, Sweet and Smiling according to Apple Music. It’s out October 15th. 11 tracks.
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  7. Very surprised it's coming so soon. Looking forward to it, loved the last album.
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  8. Edu


    The new album is really good.
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  9. What songs stand out//is this worth a full listen if Can We Talk About Me left me cold?
  10. I'm enjoying it as well! It's particularly dreary here so not the best weather for it nn, I'm anticipating it will really open up for me with some sunshine.
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  11. Late on this but I think the one-two of the title track and Walking at Midnight is such a burst of glimmering introspection and sunlight. I enjoyed her last album but this is her best work for me after a weekend with it!
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  12. Flat 7.0 from Pitchfork. I'm a bit miffed because I think this is easily her best work and the perfect intersection for her vocals after Is It Selfish... felt like the natural evolution from her debut.

    @godspeed and @Mushroom have y'all had a chance to listen? Curious if you've taken to it!
  13. Just starting to give this album some attention. I've mostly been cherry picking and I like everything I've heard, but Seasons Bloom is by far and away the highlight. Lovely song, the slight turn it takes into the chorus is really nice. It gives me a warm feeling, so I guess the album title is appropriate!
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  14. It has been on repeat since Friday so I think she definitely did something right.

    The singles left me a bit cold initially – which was surprising since Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again? was my favorite album from last year (well, right after Phoebe Bridgers' Punisher of course) – so I didn't really know what to expect. Hearing "Season Bloom" in the context of the album revealed its true beauty and I now think it's one of her best songs. "Caterpillars" and the title track were immediate standouts for me and the rest of the album felt like contemplative and very pretty pop music, perfectly suited to watch a sunset to but not as emotional or immediate as the previous album.

    But it has been growing on me all week long and although I still don't think it is as great as Is It Selfish..., this is a very beautiful and touching record and it weirdly feels like a perfect fall album. The warmth and subtle melancholia in Kacy Hill's music will always make me feel some type of way. And I just love how straightforward she is lyrically. There is something really striking about a songwriter who doesn't try to use too many words or metaphors to express something and just writes it as it is. A line such as "You know everyone wants to be special, just in case" could be so easily cringeworthy coming from someone else yet, somehow, she makes it work. Her vulnerability and overall simplicity when it comes to songwriting, singing and producing is something beautiful and refreshing. I find it really comforting actually, and that's why the previous album left such a strong mark on me and I wouldn't be surprised if this one does too.
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  15. Okay tht one two punch worked and I’m diving in
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  16. Initially I thought it sort of lacked the highs of Is It Selfish... ('I Believe in You', 'Everybody's Mother', 'Porsche') but the album's really unfolding over time for me and 'Seasons Bloom' is fast becoming one of my favourite songs of the year. She got me, gal!
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    This album has really been keeping me company all winter long. It's such a beautifully produced record, very cohesive but never boring or too one-note. The mix of genres is so nice, from pastel 80's synthpop to country-lite to soft rock to even citypop-ish vibes on a song like "The Stars." I like how subtly hooky all of the songs are, there's wonderful pop songwriting throughout and the vocals are so delicate and lovely. "Seasons Bloom," "The Right Time" (why was this not a single?), and the title track are probably my faves but I can easily put it on and not skip anything. This should have gotten a lot more attention.
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