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Kali Uchis - Sin Miedo [2nd Album]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Whew forgot this is already coming out this Wednesday. I'm still a bit worried that this isn't a good release date. Releases from November/December always tend to be the most overlooked, the album's mood most probably won't fit with Winter and as a Spanish-only album, it'll likely get less coverage across the main stream press anyway (not that this is justified at all).

    I'm a bit scared this will get overlooked, which she doesn't deserve after Isolation. If that's the case, I hope she won't reduce it to the Spanish-thing; I think her audience is candid and appreciates this choice of hers, even if it takes a bit work for some (including me) to figure out the lyrics.
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  2. Kali going full on 2003 reggaetón is a moment that is most pleasing to me.
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  3. That's a 2003 reggaeton type of BOP and I'm living for it.
  4. This is probably my least favorite of all the songs so far, but it still bops. Still feels like a strange time to release (what seems like) a summery Spanish album at the start of winter/Christmas season, but I'm ready for a new album, so l'm here for it.
  5. When is this out? I listened again to TO FEEL ALIVE last night, and it reminded me how Kali never fails to deliver the goods, so I'm very excited.

  6. Less than 7 hours left now.
  7. La Luz is so goodddddddd. And I still put on Isolation quite often, excited for this one.
    Art direction looks sick!
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  8. Summer is coming in Latin America, it kinda makes sense.
  9. Time to bailar aquí solo, es mejor que con el diablo.
    I am fully aware that "Solita" isn't on the record but I'll be listening to this banger and this album all night anyway

    Edit: she also dropped a music video for the opening track, "la luna enamorada."

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  10. I was absolutely gooped at Apple Music sending me a notification at 6PM on a Wednesday that the album is out.

    All of the pre-release tracks have been a delight for me so I can't wait to get stuck into this (even if it's pitch black and miserable where I am ddd).
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  11. telepatía is the best thing on here
  12. Ok I just started the new album but the opening track...just turned me into rose petals.
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  13. I'm gonna play this album to death I just know it.
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  14. This album is so confident and seriously so beautiful. A really masterful piece of music. Her new music video is stunning, too.
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  15. La luna enamorada is like the tango-influenced equivalent to Body Language, it's gorgeous and my favourite track on here.

    The run from vaya con dios to telepatia is where I like the album most. Vaya con dios sounds like a mash-up of Portishead and Flight 22 and it's cool to see her trying her hands on yet another genre. Que Te Pedi is beautiful with it's Bond-theme-horns, it deserves to be so much longer, it's bittersweet that my favourite tracks on here are the shortest ones. Quiero sentirme bien and telepatia both wouldn't have sounded out of place on Isolation, the latter providing one of the best hooks on here and rounding out my Top 3 after La luna enamorada and Que te pedi. Aguardiente y limon is also a mood.

    My interest definitely fades in the last third of the album with the with the Reggaeton, Vocoder and Feature-Heavy tracks. But that's obviously just a matter of personal taste; I know that lots of like these tracks.

    It's no Isolation for me but then again that's not what she set out to do and I'm completely fine with it. She's just so good at blending genres and this time she chose a few I'm personally less interested in. She just set herself a super high bar with Isolation, it's still incredible how everything worked out on this album. But Sin Miedo has its beautiful moments too. Wonder how much I'll be returning to this one, many Isolation-tracks have been staples on playlists the past 2 years.
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  16. Sorry to double post, but I wish she'd included Solita instead of aqui yo mando, would've been perfect on the 4th slot between aguardiente y limon and vaya con dios.
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  17. "La luna enamorada" is a faithul half-cover of "La luna en tu mirada" by Cuban doo-wop ensemble from the 60s Los Zafiros, whose catalogue is rife with pure megabops!

    Gusto, sabor, sabiduría.
  18. Thank you SO much, delving into this right now!
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  19. de nadie is so beautiful.
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