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Kanye West - Donda 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. …good luck with that.
  2. [​IMG]
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  4. Oh my that's delusional. I think he tried something similar with Pablo/Tidal but that's way worst.
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  5. I think torrents are about to see a renaissance..........
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  6. Well, I won't be hearing that album!

    But not going to lie, I'm living for the petty show he's putting with the fake war against Kim & Pete and everybody else. It's just pure camp.
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  7. I'm ashamed to admit this, but my boyfriend bought his stem player thing ... so I guess I'll be potentially listening.
  8. i dunno… I find it quite sad to be honest. He’s clearly unwell and the fact that he’s harassing Kim and Pete so publicly… makes me very uncomfortable, especially with how most people seem to be reacting to it like the Michael Jackson eating popcorn gif. I hope it can be resolved peacefully.
  9. This makes me recall these tweets I saw the other day.

    I wouldn't describe this pattern of abusive behavior as pure camp. Instead, I would be frightened if I were in Kim and their children's shoes. I can't imagine what it must feel like for them to see Kanye embarass himself in public like this. I hope they're okay.
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  10. There’s nothing funny or even entertaining about what’s happening with him at the moment. Watching a man who is clearly unwell, and has been for quite some time, harass his child’s mother (and his child!) for the world to see is scary and honestly hurts as a fan who loved him so much growing up. I feel like if everyone took a moment to stop laughing at him and enabling him like we’re watching some TV show, maybe he would have gotten the support he desperately needs years ago.
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  11. What Kanye is doing is so fucked up. It’s not been cute for a long time with him, enough is enough.
  12. I do agree with this but there's only so much you can do for a person if they do not want the support or believe they need it. It's evident in Jeen-Yuhs as it always has been that Kanye thinks himself on another level and another plain - something has obviously changed in the last ten years or so (perhaps since 2007 when Donda passed). It's the classic believing the hype to awful extremes.

    But to the previous post about all this being entertaining and camp? Absolutely not.
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  13. The part where Donda tells him that the giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing was quite telling and a clear foreshadowing.
  14. I'm tired of him using the public court of opinion and media to spin his delusional narratives while dragging his family into it. When will there be some legal consequences for his actions? He seems totally above the law and I feel like Britney lost custody of her kids over much less.
  15. Not even gonna listen to this, I'm just gonna soulseek this old school style, share it for a bit and throw it into the recyble bin.
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  16. For real. Like a third of Donda I used. Then when he inevitably removes his music from streaming platforms I have the CDs and Vinyl. I’m good
  17. To give more context to my post -- I was seeing this latest development of the Kimye industry as another narrative on the themes they've already fed of repeatedly (reification, celebrity, superficiality, genius, obsession,...) to continue their relevancy.

    After all your replies, I've realized that I was taking it in terms that are too abstract and light in face of what is actually happening. It's unfortunate they're stuck in this cycle of degradation and abuse, but then I feel they don't exactly want to extricate themselves from it.
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  18. I’ve just… completely tuned him out of my consciousness. It’s sad because he is/was incredibly talented, and had a lot to say.

    Now he has nothing to say, and yet keeps talking.
  19. Dead.
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