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Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Anathema, Jun 5, 2014.

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    I don't disagree that it did a handful of things well and all the things it got wrong were at least still very defiantly Kanye, for better for worse. However, overall I feel like from the music to the message, it wasn't very much of what was advertised or nowhere near deserving of its critical acclaim. Plus the Kanye Kardashian thing was and is the worst.
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    Yeezus is one of those albums my brain for some reason thinks only works as a one-sitting kind of affair but actually contains like ten individually iPod worthy songs. "I'm In It" is still a low-key discography highlight and one of my most listened-to songs of the last couple of years. careless whispers eye fuckin biting ass still haunts my dreams Nov 2014.
  3. RJF


    Re: Kanye West - New Testament

    I lose interest in Yeezus after "Blood On The Leaves" and I don't think that's entirely unfair. "Bound 2" is one of the worst fucking things I have ever heard.
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    You're missing out on Guilt Trip's galactic melancholia, the headbanging underworld of Send It Up, and Bound 2's goofy, syrupy, spellbinding riddles and sedated girl-groups. "I know you're tired of lovin/of lovin/with nobody to love/nobody/nobody!" coupled with that stark, rubbery baseline is fucking amazing.
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    I love Bound. It's the Yeezus version of Beyonce's Grown Woman - a celebratory victory lap that could have been on any of his albums.
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    No, he was trolling:

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    Bound 2 is my favorite Kanye song...
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    Yeezus doesn't really work for me. It's ambitious and interesting but it's something to be appreciated rather than enjoyed. New Slaves and Blood On The Leaves are the highlights, with Black Skinhead and Bound 2 close behind. I don't need to listen to the rest ever again.

    (FYI I am very much of the opinion that Kanye is the greatest musical mind of this generation. I'm not bashing it because I'm 'a hater'.)
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    Hold My Liquor is incredible as well.
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    'On Sight' has got to be one of my favorite opening tracks ever. The production on 'Yeezus' is a total treat for electronic music fans.
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  11. K94


    Re: Kanye West - New Testament

    New Slaves
    On Sight
    Bound 2
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    Blackout though.
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    Bound 2 is just so awful. Not to mention the embarrassing video for it.
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    He somehow took punk, hard electronic music, and dancehall and spun it all together into his own sound and then sealed it with one of the most obnoxious (but rather brilliant) examples of sampling. I love listening to front to back over and over.

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Late Registration
    808s & Heartbreak
    The College Dropout

    Yeezus has wrestled Late Registration out of 2nd place recently. Though, listing his discography is a disservice to the ones I have to list at the bottom, which are still damn great anyway. Just looking at his discography, expecting a new album to sound like the last one is a very silly assumption. He rarely, or dare I say doesn't, repeat himself. He really is the pop genius of this generation.
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    I fucking adored Yeezus. Honestly, it may be my favorite of his albums. And Mr. Blonde, you nailed it with your list/post. I've gotten into arguments recently because I rank Yeezus and MBDTF higher than Late Registration or College Dropout, but honestly, all of his albums are amazing.
  16. Re: Kanye West - New Testament

    See I don't think it is that ambitious at all, however much it tries to trick you into thinking so. There's an EP worth of hard, electronic, vaguely politically-charged material to be found in the first 4 tracks, thanks mainly to Black Skinhead and New Slaves, with On Sight being little more than a glorified intro and I Am A God being an exercise in self-parody, albeit a well-produced one.

    Everything else feels like a mixtape worth of decent to excellent tracks, which have virtually nothing in common with one another and almost nothing to say. I'm In It and Hold My Liquor are brilliantly dark and atmospheric but lyrically standard and their dancehall influences feel somewhat incongruous. Blood On The Leaves is a sonic triumph but ultimately squanders the potential for truly effective social commentary (something he appears to be attempting elsewhere) by taking most potent sample of Kanye's career and setting it to a tale of celebrity divorce in a way which is not subversive but simply crass. Guilt Trip, Send It Up and Bound 2 close things out, with each track seemingly trying to one-up its predecessor in just how irritatingly obnoxious and vacuous they can be.

    I'm sure that's more than intentional on Kanye's part and bully for him that he has so few fucks to give but when it accounts for a third of your entire album, it seems less like an exercise in audacious trolling and more like poor quality control. The fact that whole thing is a scant ten tracks but still can't maintain any kind of thematic or sonic consistency is a testament to how thin the ideas at work are. Add to that the terrible visuals, contradictory rants about Nike don't want to make him a billionaire and anything with the name 'Kardashian' attached to it, and the whole things is a confused mess of wasted potential. To put it in his own terms, it's a sensationalist, attention-grabbing strop, a typical 'Oh, Kanye...' temper tantrum a la "I'mma let you finish but Beyoncé had the best music video of ALL TIME". The problem is, he could have used the album to position himself as a maverick with something of substance to say, a la "George Bush doesn't care about black people".
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    Black Skinhead and New Slaves are indeed the best songs from Yeezus.
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    But Blood On The Leaves, to me, is Greek tragedy, well-spun theater of contemporary first-world problems. No, a celebrity divorce does not equate lynching, but this kind of horror - a wealthy anti-hero losing his money, losing his prestige, losing his wife, all because of a woman, all because he put his dick in the wrong place - is quite masterful and would shake up any social-climbing man to his core. Especially, if this is a black man who has worked his entire life to be considered great, brilliant, or successful, all to have it flushed away in a split second. I couldn't possibly imagine anything more apt in our gold-drenched, hyper-scandalized, "post-racial" world in which we live. It's an intensely sprawling epic, condensed in song-form. Crass, yes, but still very vital.
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    It certainly knocks, I'll give it that.
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    I love the video for "Bound 2." It's bonkers, in a good way.
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