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Kanye West - Ye, Kids See Ghosts, Jesus Is King + Jesus Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. You know, you’re amazing. Because you don’t have to do all of this, any of it, but you’re still doing it. The frankness & the use of your time for others is worthy alot of admiration.

    Also, people care. And I hope you feel better soon!
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  2. I love you.
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  3. Bravo @Ray. You must have helped a lot of people by being vocal from experience.
    I never heard that. I am shocked. What the hell is wrong with people?
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  4. Thank you for mentioning this. I know Kanye is not popular here right now (or most places to be honest) but I'm glad he's speaking out more publicly about his mental health. I met a person recently who I now consider a friend. He revealed his bipolar disorder to me early on and I wondered why he did. He seems quite normal despite some quirks. I spoke to some other friends about him and they told me to 'run!'. I didn't see the reason to when he has treated me kindly and with respect for the most part. They suggested to do some research on bi-polar disorder to at least get familiar with it. I took their advice and it has built my understanding on the topic. I'm not condoning any of the outlandish things Kanye has done recently but I can now understand where some of it is coming from. With people like him and Mariah being more public about their mental health it does help reduce the stigma around it. In general more people should be open about talking about mental health.

    Edit- totally forgot to talk about his album. On first listen, It's definitely not up to par with Pusha T's Daytona. That's in a class all on its own. Where that album is truly cohesive. Ye is a mix bag. However there is some great stuff on it. Ghost Town is the true stand out.
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  5. Well, I mean, they’re just following Kanye’s lead.
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  6. Yikes, that's the completely wrong thing to take from all this. Has Kanye said anywhere that he thinks his bipolar is a superpower and that medication ruins his art? I hope not --- it's one thing to be vocal (even with a side of dark humor) but quite another if he's encouraging others to make irresponsible choices about their mental health.
  7. After a few listens, this has upped from a 6/10 to an 8ish/10.

    Ghost Town is up there with his very best work.
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  8. I'm so excited about Kids See Ghost right now because I remember Ghost Town being part of the album's original tracklist. I guess Kanye wanted to keep it for himself in the end. If this track is any indication of its sound, it's going to be amazing.
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  9. He says he had a whole different album before he went on TMZ and scrapped it all after all that went down.

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  10. This album is boring trash.
  11. I kinda wish he had went with Wyoming as the name of the album but that's just me... Anyway right now I'm all about Yikes and Violent Crimes. Been replaying those two a lot!
  12. Wouldn’t Leave just sounds like textbook abuser vernacular. I hate seeing people fawn over it on twitter.
  13. It really is an example of OK-to-decent music that is not worth ignoring everything surrounding it.
  14. This is the main problem with it. It feels pretty safe and doesn't explore new sonic ground, which is kinda jarring for a Kanye album.
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  15. Another new interview

  16. God Ray I just love you xxx
  17. RJF


    I find myself just... not even remotely interested in pressing play on Spotify at the moment. I just think of all the other artists who have been inspired by Kanye over the years who are doing far more exciting and outward-facing work and, frankly, the prospect of delving into another self-involved character study of someone who I no longer admire is just... grim. I think in the process of trying to shock, the idea of him has actually become a bit... boring? Which is something I never thought I would say but here we are.
  18. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/kanye-west-ye/
    The score is too high but it's out of the writer's hands.
  19. I'm actually surprised they allowed it to be rated so low. It's probably his first album that's never gotten their Best New Music stamp.
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