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KARA (2007 - 2013)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jul 26, 2011.

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    ~KARASIA 2012~


    Worship the Goddess!


    Fierce Seungyeon!


    Trinity of Perfection


    Princess Hara > you


    Nicole serving urban realness.


    Giant Baby killing mortls with her cutness


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    Nicole is the reason I love KARA so much. I wish she spoke more English. In fact, I wish most English-speaking Idols spoke English. It's so incredible!
  3. 3Xs


    Re: KARA

    They're so precious <333

    Speed Up is absolutely one of their catchiest songs.
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    The verses on Speed Up are just amazing. The whole sound of them is great. The chorus kind of puts me off.. but I still love it!
  5. Dek


    Re: KARA

    Omg finally !

    KARA - Pretty Girl MV (Blu Ray Rip)

    I never in my life could imagine we could have this video in HD!
    I'm happy now! It took me forever to upload it
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    Have you ordered KARA's signature premium fragrance already?
  7. 3Xs


    Re: KARA

    I have!!! Soon enough I will smell like the 5 goddesses!
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    Nicole and Gyuri are looking a lot alike recently.
  9. KARA

    About time these five goddesses had their own thread!

    Tomorrow they are releasing 'KARA Collection', a special studio album featuring solo material from each of the five girls. Japan, I'm expecting huge sales!


    From Wikipedia:

    The solo songs were released as ringtones on the music and mobile portal Recochoku from August 22 to 26, one song per day. The songs ranked high in Recochoku Uta daily chart: "Wanna Do" peaked #6, "Lost" peaked #7, "Secret Love" peaked #9, "Daydream" peaked #11 and "Guilty" peaked #4.
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    Strong first day sales for the girls! They placed 3rd on the Oricon daily album charts:


    For comparison, their last double A-side single Speed Up/Girl's Power sold 21,352 on its first day.
  12. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: KARA

    That's not great is it? The second place has sold two and a half times it...
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    These are not strong sales, like at all!

    And why are you comparing it to a single? It's an album... What is worrying is the fact they are selling less albums than singles now. Japan isn't South Korea. But maybe people just had no intrest in that BEST-lite album...
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    It hasn't deviated from their past Oricon daily sales so it's a solid first day of sales. Also, KARA Collection is a compilation album with no new KARA (as a group) single, just a remixed Go Go Summer! for 2012. The solo material on this album is killer though and the PVs are first-rate.
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    So I guess people don't care about solo stuff... Still, these sales aren't good.
  16. 3Xs


    Re: KARA

    This is the albums charts though. You can't really compare sales of a single to sales of an album... To be quite honest I expected them to do a bit more. Obviously not Super Girl sales (73k first day) as that's a full album vs this just being an EP. Though to be fair the promo for this album started like 2 weeks ago, with the PV's only airing in the last week. I wouldn't be surprised many people don't even know about it yet. KARA usually has great longevity with their album releases though so I'm expecting this to hang round for a while.

    Fucking Kobukuro though. Scalping Kana and KARA in one fowl swoop.
  17. 3Xs


    Re: KARA

    They're not excellent but for an EP with no proper singles off it it's doing just fine. Let's not get ourselves excited now.
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    But seriously, they really should give up with those COLLECTION releases. It didn't work for 2NE1 and it's not working for them either. It's just lazy...
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    OK, I shouldn't have compared singles and album sales. Still, strong sales for a mini album with no new single.

    Interestingly, CN Blue topped last week's album charts with 45K sales. Yesterday Kobukuro had sales of 140K on its FIRST day.
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