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KARA (2007 - 2013)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Jul 26, 2011.

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    The girls performed Electric Boy on Music Japan


    Jiyoung looks great going back to her natural hair color. Nicole and Gyuri look tired.

    The chorus is sooo damn catchy! Tomorrow is the single's release.
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    Fans crying on KARA's recent high-five event which drew 10,000 people in Tokyo.


    To participate in the event, fans had to purchase all 3 editions of single.

    I'd probably cry at the high-five event too after spending all that yen and spending little more than five seconds in front of the members but you know, stans be crazy.
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    Seungyeon performs the Korean vesion of Guilty on MBC Music Core:


    The song's still amazing.
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    KARA's Gyuri revealed a story about disrespectful junior girl group.

    She also said "For the sake of the broadcast i kept on thinking that it's not like that and during the break time i showed my unique charisma to the members of that group".


    According to Gyuri, after the rookie girl group saw her somewhat threatening charisma they changed their manners 180 degrees right away. Other casts were astonished after listened to gyuri's smart way in taking care of disrespectful juniors.


    Who were these disrespectful juniors? How dare they disrespect Goddess Gyuri and her radio show!
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    Goddess putting nugus in their place by using her unique charisma! YES! Teach them how it's done.
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    Latest KARA performance of Bye Bye Happy Days. They look REALLY GOOD.

  7. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: KARA

    Rest in peace, Kara.
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    Other than Jewelry and Brown Eyed Girls, they would have been the girl group that debut the earliest right?
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    Jewelry (2001)
    LPG, The Grace, Gavy NJ (2005)
    Brown Eyed Girls (2006)
    Wonder Girls, Kara, SNSD, Miss $ (2007)

    No idea if half of those groups are still together though.
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: KARA

    Goodbye Nicole, and we're still getting a new Kara release this year. Hopefully it's a greatest hits album. I don't think it's 'the end' for them as their stadium(?) tour in Japan sold well if I remember it correctly.

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    Study in US? Girl, tell Shirley she's killing your career!
  12. Hitori

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    Re: KARA

    Kara's debut stage!

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    This is all so wrong! KARA was my first kpop group and now their future is a mess. Jiyoung in London, Nicole in USA preparing to debut as a soloist in Korea, demonstrations to keep KARA 3 and the KARA project with 7 contestants. Seungyeon was my first ever bias and it feels horrible that this happened to them. Damaged Lady was their best release ever for me and now nothing will be the sameā€¦
  14. Hitori

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    Re: KARA


    Let's revive this thread for KARA PROJECT discussions. The show has finally started
  15. 3Xs


    Re: KARA

    Let's not.
  16. Hitori

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    Re: KARA

    Baby Kara performing Step in Japan. Somewhere in a hidden forest the Rainbow girls are crying.

  17. Did anyone watch Kara project? I actually like the girl who made the group Youngji. She really won me over and I liked how she did Swagger Jagger on the last show after some of the unfair criticism she received.
  18. She's the right candidate just because I think all the others deserve to debut in their own group. Not to say she doesn't; but I wouldn't be surprised if she debuts with Kara then the group disbands and she debuts in a new group with all the other Baby Kara girls.

    Curious about their comeback. If it's in Japan and Korea, I'm wondering what the concept will be. Probably something akin to Step or Mister I'd think.
  19. Something like Step would be a good idea. It was a big hit for them in Korea and it's probably one of them more well received Korean language songs in Japan. I really wonder how this era will go for them. Full Bloom turned out to be a bit of a flop and their sales have been in decline in Japan ever since Super Girl.
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