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Karen Harding - Say Something

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Queen Majesty, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Thing is, the collaborations should have been released prior to her solo-Top 10, not afterwards. The collabs diluted her momentum, usually you have collabs to build up hype not make hype disappear. But I guess they captured lightning in a bottle with her first two solo tracks and didn't have quality songs ready to follow it up with.

    Meanwhile, I found a few other collabs that are quite decent actually

    And take a listen to a little bit of a live band version of her next single "Open My Eyes" (I read that it'll come out in November apparently). The studio version is going to be another House-Banger.
  2. Say Something was a bit of a fluke, eh?
  3. Open My Eyes sounds great. Very interested to hear the full version.
  4. I was told she had a bunch of dance tracks ready to go but then scrapped everything to start again with soul stuff. Nice momentum killing strategy there.
  5. Her collabs have been whatever, but both Say Something and Those Girls were brilliant. Why does it seem like the UK especially has no clue what to do with artists even after they managed some success?
  6. "We know your sound has been really popular with the public, Karen, but you know what's more popular? Adele."
  7. This is so true. Labels try to push their artists to sound like people who are already successful, which sucks originality from the charts and floods the market with too many boring, identikit records.

    I have a horrible feeling that, in terms of longevity, she may be this year's Sarah Whatmore.
  8. But where's her Automatic?
  9. Cause it worked so well for Ella Eyre?
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  10. Don't shoot the karen-ger bae.
    They probably wanted album & ticket salez, can you blame them?
  11. This all sounds a little Emili Sandé to me.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Say Something is still such a jam, shame she's not going more in that dance diva/powerhouse direction
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  13. Thank you for these!!! Everything is great, she is great!!!
    I'm just quite dissapointed to see that she is changing her music direction. So she has basically no control on her music and career from what it seems. I am following her on instagram and she seems to have so much fun at the gigs were people are enjoying her dance music.
    I know she is not Jess Glynne succesful, but could Xfactor help a little bit here? she has done well, I think even better than some previous contestants, a little promo there won't be bad, to gain moment and then launch a single...
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  15. Yes, honey!

    In a perfect world Karen releases on time (no push backs) followed by Katy B a new single or EP in May.
  16. Get on with it!
  17. Album in March? Earth will be flushed in darkness by then....
    Why push her album so late when she is promoting since February 2015! I dont understand what it's happening here
  18. It's so everybody forgets about her so she can starts a new. Who needs fans and familiarity?

    Jokes aside I am guessing things fall through and momentum is a bitch?
  19. "Open My Eyes" is out on 15th January!

  20. Single artwork giving off Flashdance vibes. Glad era J.Lo would be so proud.
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