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Kash Doll - Stacked (Debut album) - 2019

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KaranPCD, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,
    Female rap is really growing and I think we should have a thread for Kash Doll. She was featured on Iggy's latest single "F*** It up" from her sophomore album "In My Defense". Kash Doll is signed to Republic records. She has herself released fun and sophisticated bops!

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  2. Also, she may release her debut album in November. I dont know but these laughing emojis make it seem like she was joking.
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  3. Her debut album titled Stacked will be released on October 4. I know i cant force anyone but please guys try giving her a chance. She has a very unique voice and flow!
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  4. “For Everybody” and “Hustla” are masterpieces. Some of her features are just AMAZING.

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  5. For Everybody is my favvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey guys,
    Kash Doll just released the album cover and the cover is a serve!
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  7. This one sounds amazing!
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  8. Queens!

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  10. Ice Me Out, Cheap Shit, Doin' Too Much, Buss it, Feel Something are heavenly gay bops!
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