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Kat DeLuna - Inside Out / ViVa (Albums & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Mar 27, 2009.

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    It's not very good either way.
  2. The melody in the prechorus is quite nice I think! the chorus is just an abomination though! it really is horrific.
  3. It's so amazing that her album came out in 2007 and she's stil around. The recent leak Give Me Your Love (Underneath the Strobe Lights) is so good though.
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  5. The two problems with Kat Deluna are that her songs are shit and she doesn't have that thing that makes someone stand out.
  6. Charley

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  7. What is happening with Kat? There is something I love about her, probably the campness of 90% of her output.
  8. Four years laters and "Push Push" is still amazing.
  9. [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHzmuo12edE[/video]
    New song surfaced.
  10. She should so released Calling You.That's one of my favorite Kat's songs ever
  11. [video=youtube;h7Xx7v6aZDc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7Xx7v6aZDc[/video]

    Not really here for her new single, give me another Animal/Calling You/Tequila immediately.

    Remix is a bit of a bop though.
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  12. That remix is such a bop! Giving me such life, I'm here for it. The original, sadly, not as much.
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  13. I stand so HARD! for Kat Deluna but she keeps on giving me disappointment. 9 Lives is SO GOOD!!! Some Inside Out songs felt like left outs from 9 lives and what she has turned her career next is terrible. I just feel she just hasn’t found her own entity yet and I am afraid she never will. Even with her aesthetics and visuals she just can’t seem to get it there, she is constantly changing her hair but it still feels like a poor ensemble by a poor stylist.

    New song is terrible, still I am all eyes on what she will release next as I always do. She seems like she is the only artist that is not successful but still has not been dropped yet from her label, or she is independent now? Will she ever break through?
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  14. LP


    Sorry if I got any of you excited by bumping this thread! I was thirsty to see what on earth was going on with this project and found this tidbit from last april. She's so outrageous and thinks very highly of herself!

    You worked with RedOne before anyone. Were you ahead of your time?
    The thing is — my personality as a human being, I’m an innovator. Let me tell you something. I interior decorate my house every six months. It’s crazy. People tell me, “Kat, after 6 months, can I have that couch?” I love change.

    You were doing the urban-dance sound before it exploded.
    Yeah, and I feel people know it. You cannot not know. I think also that’s why I’ve stayed… although I have not had a second American album, I feel like I’m still relevant here. I had a single that dropped seven and a half years ago [“Whine Up”] and it’s still playing as if it dropped three months ago. That usually doesn’t happen.

    here's a link to the full interview if you haven't already come across it : http://www.idolator.com/7587940/kat-deluna-interview-bum-bum-album-viva-out-loud-sexy-cover
  15. Rob


    How hilariously deluded, surely that's a pisstake interview?!
  16. She made some AMAZING jams with Red One. I need her to return please.
  17. 9 Lives is one of my favorite debuts of all time so more of that, I say!
  18. In The End still ends careers.
  19. LP


    I adore Como Sueño / Am I Dreaming .... Mariah lite at its finest. The percussion is #plush
  20. She once was a true queen. So sad.
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