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Kat DeLuna - Inside Out / ViVa (Albums & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Once = Right between Cut Off Time and debut Album release.
  2. How deluded can a person be.
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  3. Any leaks from her new album? Or people stopped caring about leaking her?
    If she plans to pick up songs like Stars I'll be satisfied.
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  4. BML


    New song. Typical DJ Mustard/Nic Nac sound featuring Jeremih and shoehorned classic sample. This time it's The Four Seasons:
  5. I just came in here to troll a lil' and say that Dawn's Bum Bum was better.
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  6. What a Night is a bop. I fucking love her voice.

    I'm kinda laughing how it's more Jeremih featuring Kat DeLuna.
  7. Oh wow I was laughing to myself saying I bet this is a cover of that old song and it fucking is!. Bopping though.
  8. She needs to bring back the KATDELUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sample.
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  9. Yes! I liveee for that hungry weasel scream! Foreal!
  10. Yup, there is a video for her new single...

  11. There's a reality check in this room, with her name on it.
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  12. BML


    I don't know what this is but apparently it's out August 5th?


    I googled and found this article that calls it a compilation of old and new "colors". Whatever that means.

    This...item is also up on Amazon for preorder.
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  13. My jumbo braid is ready for giving her one last chance! I really like her old stuff. I am worried about the new...
  14. Her fans are called Lunatics? How ironic.
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  15. I always thought Gaga sung this...

  16. Her new album has been released today. I'm listening the previews but I'm not sure about buying it... yet.


    1. Close My Eyes
    2. Betting On Love
    3. What a Night (feat. Jeremih)
    4. Drop It Low (Fatman Scoop Mix)
    5. Paradise
    6. Wanna See U Dance (La La La)
    7. Getaway
    8. Bum Bum (feat. Trey Songz)
    9. Stars
    10. Sobredosis (feat. El Cata)
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  17. LP


    It's not on Spotify unfortunately. Although.. all the singles are .
    That press release is all kinds of mess - what is a 'color' even?
  18. It's not on the UK iTunes Store either
  19. Has it leaked online? Anybody bought it?

    I'm curious about listeners' opinion!
  20. Stars, Drop It Low and Wanna See U Dance (La La La) are old songs that leaked a while ago.

    Stars is an epic ballad, I like it very much.
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