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Kat DeLuna - Instinct

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. 'Animal' not being released is one of the biggest musical crimes of the past few years.
  2. Yeah but that's all in the past now.
  3. One of the best pop songs of the decade and still the best work by RedOne.
  4. I think Animal is just OK. There are better songs on that album like In The End.
  5. a third first single? Nice

    Will she EVER release the damn album?
  6. 3rd? i thought Dance Bailalo was never released.

    'Animal' will never be topped, and from the sounds of that clip she has a 5995th flop on the way D:
  7. I might be the only person, but I've liked any songs I've heard from this era so far.
    When her album comes out eventually, it'll be one of my Top 3 of 2009/10 for sure.
  8. She really is such an underrated artist. Her performances are energetic and spot-on and she and Redone bring the best out of each other. 9 Lives remains Redone's best work.
  9. I think we can all agree that if Unstoppable had been released by Rihanna for example it would have been HUGE.
  10. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  11. in studio with @connagain @tyroneedmond @63nheels @radioshmadio23 the whole crew! OMG! guys its all finalized its coming for ya!!!

    ^ I wonder if that means the albums finally finished, lets hope so.

    Im hoping that 'Instinct' is released in the UK if it is the first single? ive not found any information to say that it is though its in RedOne's production credits for the new album so maybe it is.

    I forgot how great 'Am I Dreaming' was, the perfect holiday song.
  12. This sounds like it's by the guy who did the fake "Kill the Lights" instrumental...
  13. It's been took down :(, how mortifying after ive had the 80s sounding synth stuck in my head all day.
    Theres a major lack of Kat DeLuna news which is outrageous considering how amazing 9 Lives & Calling You are.
  14. I agree. Love Confusion is my favorite song from her.
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