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Kate Bush - General Mysteriousness Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I still can't get over the good reductions of these two sets to be honest.
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  2. I can't get over the fact if I'd have waited 6 months I could've saved £150 on the 4 vinyl boxsets!
  3. Yes, that must be annoying, I give it that too!
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  4. I have the last vinyl box, but I just bought the albums separately and saved myself about £120!
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  5. aux


    This is exactly what I did
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  6. So the Cloudbusting picture disc has been #1 on the vinyl and physical sales charts for two weeks now, nice!

    There were rumoured to be only 750 copies, but I think we can safely discount that: I'm pretty sure I've seen more than 750 copies of it myself during trips to record shops in France and UK over the last fortnight (I've also seen it on sale here in Spain, and it wasn't supposed to even be on sale here...)
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  7. I think I may have to re watch Running Up The Hill: The Kate Bush Story again. Really is one of the best BBC music documentaries I think.
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  8. BBC4 get criticised for repeating all their old music docs, but I think it's great. No harm in making these available to watch on a regular basis, because there are so many absolute gems in the archives.
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  9. Exactly, and if it helps bring new fans or at least admirers on board, it's a job well done.
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  10. The launch of the Sky Channel back in 1983 (!), broadcasting to Swindon (?!!) with a special guest...
  11. What a find! I will happily watch this.
  12. I’m not gonna say the reductions pissed me off but....

    The reductions have pissed me off. Less so for Pt.1 as I thought I got my money’s worth. It’s more about Pt. 2, which was only worth it for the rarities.
  13. It JUST hit me today that the actual difference between them is a printing error on the glossy 'The Dreaming' cover. Her name 'Kate Bush' is barely visible! This has been corrected on the matte finished product and is probably the reason why there are 2 kinds of boxes.
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  14. Are the Box 2's matte or glossy?
  15. aux


    They all seem to be glossy.
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  18. Fuck, the shipping cost from FNAC is gross. Also, it's gonna be the remix of "Ne t'enfuis pas", right?
  19. Really? They only charged me €3 to deliver to Spain, which I thought was great.
  20. Non-EU resident, unfortunately. Last time I checked, it was €26... But let's try again.
    ~edit: Indeed, that was the cost once again.
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