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Kate Bush - General Mysteriousness Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I'm waiting for 1st December and then I'll be all about snowman-based intimacy, ghosts searching for dogs and hot yeti "action".
  2. I will try to give this album more of a go this festive season.
  3. (I've never played the whole thing).
  4. Shocked! DNA 7'' Mix of course.
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  5. I will try and rectify that this year. Especially now I have two copies...the original and the Remastered II box version.
  6. As I said, I will try to give it a better go myself this year. But not promising anything either...
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  7. I really wanted and expected to like 50 Words for Snow but aside from a few moments it’s just so dull.
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  8. 50 Words is a difficult album but I can always count on Among Angels to get listening to it
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  9. I guess it’s time to pop on 50 Words for Snow then. Brrrr.
  10. I used to think the same then when I recently relistened after buying the vinyl box sets it just suddenly clicked.
  11. I've tried more... But still not quite there for me alas.
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  12. ‘50 Words for Snow’ is such an atmospheric album and one of her best for me. An impressionist masterpiece: the piano work is divine. As soon as those first notes of ‘Snowflake’ play, I’m lost in a reverie for the next hour and 5 minutes.

    I like this part of the Pitchfork review:
  13. Misty is one of my all-time favourite songs from her. It just flies by in moments.
  14. The only song that drags just a tad is Snowflake, while Lake Tahoe (11 mins +) and Misty (13 mins +) whoosh by.

    While I really don't like the song 50 Words for Snow, the lyrics are so Kate! Boomerangablanca, bad for trains and icyskidski... Her mind!
  15. The moment when she sings "his creamy skin!" and when the strings come in on the break to double the piano melody - both huge moments in her oeuvre.
  16. I gave 50 Words a spin the other night while in a very down tempo winter mood (other listenings included One More Drifter in the Snow by Aimee Mann and Winter Songs by Chris Garneau) and beyond "Misty," "Wild Man" and "Among Angels" it just did not do anything for me. "Snowflake" works in context but it's let down cause the context simply isn't good enough. I mean "Snowed In At Wheeler Street" and "50 Words for Snow" are actively unpleasant to listen to for me.
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  17. I love 50 Words For Snow but I play it in July living in the land of Oz.
  18. 50 Words For Snow, feels like an album that you either like or don't.
  19. I'd agree, based on the comments in this thread!
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  20. Excellent taste, i played similar - Snowed In At Wheeler Street is an uncomfortable listen I agree, it might be Elton's vocal for me.
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