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Kate Bush - General Mysteriousness Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Apparently it contained songs written before The Kick Inside?
  2. It's an amazing album, and as @Joanie said, I prefer it to everything post-1993. I know it's being mature, but she really became a different artist after it. It's like all of her pop sensibilities morphed into something else.
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  3. If “Atlantis” was ever tried out as an Andrew Powell studio production, during those sessions, I’d love to have it some day.
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  4. Yes, it does - I have two of her bootleg early stuff CD's - might get those out tonight with a nice glass of wine.... yum
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  5. Yes. However, to be clear, it was not a case of leftovers merely being picked up & used from “The Kick Inside” Sessions (which was recorded in London).

    “Lionheart” was almost entirely recorded in totally separate recording sessions that took place in Berre-Les-Alpes (France) & has the distinction of remaining the only Kate Bush album to ever be recorded out with the U.K.
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  6. It's transitional, and rushed, but still essential. Any album with Full House, Symphony In Blue, Kashka From Baghdad, In The Warm Room and Wow is worth anyone's time.
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  7. There was a compilation CD in the late 90's called "I Wanna Be Kate', with several quite interesting covers of Kate-songs. I 'borrowed' that title for homemade compilations I made, with female singers that reminded me of Kate, while waiting for something new from her (Happy Rhodes, Tori Amos, Hannah Fury, Sarah Slean, Natalie Merchant, Julia Darling, Sandra Lockwood, Emma Townshend, Michelle Cross, to name a few)
  8. I do find Never For Ever quite dull, aside from the singles.
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  9. The version of 'Egypt' from the tour is hugely superior to the album version.

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  10. 24E710C9-2035-4B11-865B-67CA3445CCD9.jpeg
    So much was, I prefer every version of all tracks from the “Live On Stage E.P.” over the studio/ album versions.

    I wish I had bought the VHS/ CD Double pack.
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  11. ^ I managed to nab it for under twenty quid a few years back.

    It's actually insane to think there is no official Kate Bush DVD release out, literally none.
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  12. The irony is I do recall it being advertised in 1994 but at the time was happy to make do with my original VHS release. I never anticipated back then it would ever go OOP.

    It’s about time it was released as a CD/ DVD Combi (she never put a stop to it in ‘94, I wonder if she would now)?

    Apparently other dates were filmed that I’ve heard described as “fresher, less stewed performances” (not that I personally thought the official release ever was).
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  13. I have that CD/VHS combo in my storage - along my other Kate, Tori, Kylie, Madonna and DIsney VHS tapes....haven't had a working player in years. It did have a great cover though, love Kate's pose on it
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  14. Thoroughly enjoyed the Classic Pop special on Kate Bush.
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  15. Just watched the BBC Four documentary (which I’ve watched several times before). I adore how matter of fact and modest she is as she describes how some of the most complex, enigmatic music of all time was created. It’s all part of her charm.
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  16. I watched it too! It's always so interesting to hear other people talk about Kate, and to see all the old interviews and comments.
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  17. It's a shame that the BBC have cut back on funding quality music documentaries, as they have made some really good ones for BBC4 in recent years. Sky Arts are trying to fill the same gap in the market, but their attempts simply aren't as good (or are just old Eagle Entertainment DVDs being broadcast).
  18. I miss her, and I still can't believe she didn't acknowledge The Kick Inside being 40.

  19. Still my favorite. On so, so, so many levels.
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