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Kate Bush - General Mysteriousness Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. "this womans work" totally grabbed me today...
  2. Seeing as Disney managed to get Sade to record a song for A Wrinkle In Time maybe they can get Kate Bush to do the theme for their next film.
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  3. Not after they rejected her song for their Dinosaur film in the 90's.

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  5. Do you feel that Kate would be a good ambassador in music since #MeToo etc. I wonder if she'd feel comfortable singing and writing songs about these kinds of subjects and really make a big statement/change or whether she'd sort of shy away and not want to get involved?
  6. Actually started revisiting her discography recently, forgot how good it was.
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  7. I randomly got The Sensual World on cassette (after buying myself a walkman after getting Kylie's Golden cassette) and it sounded glorious. I forgot what a strong album it is.
  8. She'd definitely write about the issues, but in a completely subtle way. Kate's always wanted the listener to form their own opinion of the content of the songs.
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  9. Always found TSW style over substance. I thought the songs were pretty weak with only about half a good album there. I prefer some of the b-sides from the era. Think its my least favourite Kate album, bar Directors Cut. Do prefer the DC version of Deeper Understanding though.
  10. Nooo. Give it another listen....

    What are the B-sides? Actually I've never heard any Kate B-sides...
  11. LTG


    What?! Not even one of her best ever songs?

  12. Be Kind To My Mistakes, Ken, Walk Straight Down The Middle, I'm Still Waiting all date from TSW. Be Kind is particularly good and was from the film Castaway. It was a promo single in Europe.

    Her best b-sides are from Hounds Of Love, but I also adore Lord Of The Reedy River.
  13. Passing Through Air is another lovely b-side.
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  14. Flop fan I know. I got into Kate very late.
  15. I still haven't forgiven myself for dropping the b-sides disc from the This Womans Work box set and scratching it. I was near hysterical as I'd paid a lot for a sealed copy a few years ago. I took it to a shop and had it resurfaced.
  16. Under The Ivy is my absolute favourite.
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  17. 'Under The Ivy' is without a shadow of doubt my favourite song of all time.
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  18. Adding to the b-side love, "Ne T'enfuis Pas", "Warm and Soothing", and "The Empty Bullring" are also really nice. And "You Want Alchemy" has some bizarre (for her) lyrics, but I do like the "Clair de Lune" interpolation. It's got a total Prince feel too.

    But obviously "Under the Ivy" is on a totally another level for her. What a song.
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  19. I love singing along to the "you want alchemy!" parts of that song, haha.
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  20. I do wonder if How To Be Invisible had been a single if we would have gotten another non album b-side?

    I also love this fan made video which I believe Kate loved as well:

    It takes the song to a whole new level with the visuals and I always feel quite emotional by the end.
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