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Kate Bush - General Mysteriousness Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. "Ne T'enfuis Pas" is one of my most played Kate songs, there's just something about it. "Under the Ivy" and "Lord of the Reedy River" too. I love the b-side/remix discs that came with the albums box set, I found a near mint one in Cheapo a few years back and bought it without thinking twice. I treasure it!
  2. IMO, the soundtrack version of Be Kind To My Mistakes is far superior.

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  3. Agree. Finally got it on CD a few years ago.
  4. LTG


    Sexual Healing is a great b-side too.
  5. You know what we all need, my good people? A great pre-"Sensual World" single collection on CD, remastered etc. I don't mean "The Whole Story", but something a bit more completist, with the B-sides and correct single mixes. It's a hassle getting some of them ("Breathing" and "The Man with the Child in His Eyes" come to mind), and some are impossible. I've seen Blondie do it in a 2CD package, as well as a nice cardboard sleeves boxset. By my calculations, it would be a 3CD package for her, but it's nothing scary, and I'm sure fans would pay loads. "This Woman's Work", the boxset, is so pricey these days. It could be 5-6 CDs if we do the "complete singles box" thing. Heck, why not throw in the Bongo Mix too, haha.
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  6. I don't see why she doesn't do one that's like Bowie's Nothing Has Changed:

    3CD, all singles, b-sides, 12" mixes, collaborations.
    2CD, all singles and key b-sides
    1CD, "In My Leotard" lightweights edition

    Never going to happen, of course.
  7. Yeah, my homemade KB anthology, which doesn't have all the exact single versions but does have the B-sides, remixes and a few oddities (the track from Brazil, some other collaborations) runs to 5 full discs.
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  8. My favorite track on Hounds of Love. That moment when the song suddenly becomes frenetic with the weird stereo panning on Kate's voice. Iconic.
  9. I only realised a few years ago that the priest/witch-hunter vocal is actually Kate's pitched down.
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  10. (I bought Hounds of Love on vinyl today after hearing the opening track on Pose and overplaying it on Spotify. How am I so fucking late?)
  11. Because you are American and haven't been taught from birth at school to respect one of the greatest English songwriters ever! If you haven't listened to The Dreaming (and you probably have) you must get it now. It's a singluarly defining work, but Hounds Of Love is far more polished and commercial without completely sacrificing the experimentalism. The Dreaming ends in Get Out Of My House which...has to be heard to be believed. Kate Bush morphing into a donkey? Goodness, it works!
  12. I love that her pious accusers sound absolutely satanic, a neat way of showing who's really in the wrong...
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  13. The Dreaming is a brilliantly bonkers album. There's a reason that so many modern musicians have cited it as an influence - Kate really knew how to push boundaries with that one.
  14. The production still blows me away, little things like when she sings "suddenly my feet are feet of mud, it all goes slow-mo" the music actually sounds like it's squelching and Paddy's mutterings in 'Get Out Of My House'.

    I envy you getting to hear it all for the first time.
  15. I am obsessed with Bertie lately. Its just so positive and lush...

    i need more of that baroque pop in my life
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  16. It's beautiful, isn't it? The way she sings the last "...more joy" is so heartfelt and loving.
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  17. Yeah, its just so pure. Pure Joy.
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  18. There are pigeons outside making sounds and all I can think of is wanting to listen to the Ariel album.
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  19. "a sky of honey... a sea of honey..."
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  20. Vibing to Ariel this morning. I need a new Kate album please.
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