Kate Bush Singles Rate - There Goes The Top Ten

Hello all, and welcome to the Kate Bush Singles Rate. Or, what I was going to title 'Moments Of Pleasure', before deciding it might subliminally influence votes being faced with that song title every time you enter the thread.

Observe, an image of Kate:


As an aside, perhaps we could have a competition whereby some members submit photos of themselves recreating that iconic hair-do. We'll see...

Anyway, how much of a blurb is really required outside of saying she's one of the most iconic women to ever grace the music scene. Influencing approximately 98% of every current music act in some sense or another. The Yin to Madonna's Yang. A career spanning 5 decades. Critically acclaimed beyond belief, despite many of her singles flopping. An innovator. A genius. God.

Here are the singles to rate:

Wuthering Heights
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Hammer Horror
Army Dreamers
December Will Be Magic Again
Sat In Your Lap
The Dreaming
There Goes A Tenner
Suspended In Gaffa
Running Up That Hill
Hounds Of Love
The Big Sky
Don't Give Up
Experiment IV
The Sensual World
This Woman's Work
Love And Anger
Rocket Man
Rubberband Girl
Eat The Music
Moments Of Pleasure
The Red Shoes
The Man I Love
And So Is Love
King Of The Mountain
Deeper Understanding
Wild Man
Lake Tahoe

Please PM me your scores for each track, which are out of ten:

10 = perfection
0 = appalling

Feel free to add any comments accompanying your scores for the songs. Although I appreciate there are quite a few to cover.

Voting closes - 14th July
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Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

32. Eat The Music (The Red Shoes - 5.5)
31. Lake Tahoe (50 Words For Snow - 5.6)
30. Deeper Understanding (Directors Cut - 5.7)
29. The Man I Love (The Glory Of Gershwin - 5.7)
28. There Goes A Tenner (The Dreaming - 6.2)
27. Rocket Man (Two Rooms - 6.2)
26. And So Is Love (The Red Shoes - 6.6)
25. The Red Shoes (The Red Shoes - 6.6)
24. Wild Man (50 Words For Snow - 6.7)
24. Rubberband Girl (The Red Shoes - 6.7)
22. December Will Be Magic Again (December Will Be Magic Again - 7)
21. Love And Anger (The Sensual World - 7.1)
21. King Of The Mountain (Aerial - 7.1)
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Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

Reserved just incase.

Here is a picture of The Queen meeting Liz Windsor.

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graffiti my soul

Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

Yay! About time, looking forward to this.

Is it worth including Lake Tahoe / Among Angels? It was hardly a "release" but it did have a special 7".
Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

OMG i am more than here for this, i warn you i could get extremely emotional and hormonal over my favourites!
Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

Any objections to me adding 'Lyra', 'Lake Tahoe' and 'Among Angels'?

I'm a bit unsure about any of them, to be honest. I mean, I love the last two, but I can't really find evidence of them as singles.

Perhaps 'Lake Tahoe'. Although 'Misty' had a video too.
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Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

This will be amazing. Do we submit fawning comments about her all-conquering genius or do we let the clean sweep of 10s speak for itself?
Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

We MUST include "Lyra"!

Also, a bit obscure these days but the Kate Bush On Stage EP was a Top 10 "hit" in 1979. Though you'd need the Box Set to know the tracks...maybe YT has them?
Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

Could you add the You Tube links to the song titles.

Obviously everyone will need ton change their avatar to their favourite Dame Kate picture in honour once the reveal is underway (And the PJSC is over).

I REALLY like her without absolutely loving her so my scores will be fair and wildly divergent.
Re: Kate Bush Singles Rate

I'll be adding the YouTube links very shortly. I'm doing things off the iPad at the moment, which makes the copying and pasting far more tedious.

Was 'Lyra' a single though?