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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. tommie

    tommie Guest

    General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Well, seeing as the woman only seems to do one album per decade these days I might as well start the thread here.

    Anyway - she's a genius and Hounds of Love will forever remain one of the most important pop albums ever made. Agreed?
  2. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Yes! ;)

    I am not sure what else to say!
  3. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    What happened to the Complete Story greatest hits collection that was listed in the release schedule for release last November? I was hoping for a couple of new tracks.

    Oh well. Not long now til 2017 and Kate's next album.
  4. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    I lost a little bit of love for her over "Aerial". Not only did I find the album rather dull but the releuctance to promote if even in as much as releasing a second single really annoyed me. No one was asking for a 100 date stadium tour but surely one TV interview and a day shooting a second video wouldn't have ruined little Bertie's childhood?

    The lack of DVDs and re-issued albums is another annoyance.
  5. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    1. My auntie's best friend used to run her fanclub. I'm not sure if it's still the case. I think it's a good reason to re-establish links with my long lost relatives (who live a few miles away in Kent)

    2. Wuthering Heights on karaoke goes down in history as one of the best performances I have ever seen. And it wasn't me performing, it was some Jewish guy.

    3. When I worked at Butlins I came to be know as 'Kate' due to my unusual (drunken) dance style. I got quite famous.
  6. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    I was expected a huge EMI campaign after Ariel... a new singles colelction, DVD, remastered re-issues... it's not like them to miss the opportunety. I wonder how much power Kate has with her back catalogue? We so need a decent singles collection now... c'mon Kate! Oh, and Ariel is mad genius. I love it. A great album. Wipes the floor with The Red Shoes.
  7. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread


    What would people put on a Best Of. If it was a 20 track bets of, mine would be (in chronological order)

    Wuthering Heights
    Man With The Child In His Eyes
    Oh To Be In Love
    Hammer Horror
    Army Dreamers
    Sat In Your Lap
    Runnign Up That Hill
    Hounds of Love
    Big Sky
    Be Kind To My Mistakes
    Sensual World
    Love & Anger
    This Woman's Work
    Rubberband Girl
    Moments of Pleasure
    King of the Mountain
    How To Be Invisible
    King of the Mountain
    How To be Invisible
  8. jsd


    Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Yep, although I think I have slight preference for The Dreaming. Hard to believe that album is almost 25 years old.
  9. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Anyone heard the (slightly disturbing) rumour that Kate Bush is going to do Eurovision for us Brits this year, now that Morrissey`s decided not to?

    I`ve been trying to find stuff out, and there`s nowt. Not very likely, is it? Just imagine though..... *smiles wistfully*
  10. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    I loved Experiment IV so much I recited the lyrics at The Bakery (it was a festival for all the best new arty talent in Scotland) and did a little Kate jig. It led to an onstage discussion about how slimmer Dawn French looked in the video and how young House was in it.


    Seriously though, it is an amazing song.
  11. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    No, it's not happening!
  12. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Kate Bush's Aerial is like Splenda, totally sacharrine, without the biting rot of real sugar. When people self indulgently start singing about their kids, they're goners.
  13. jsd


    Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    I probably would have felt that way before I had a child of my own. However, I am a Dad and I think "Bertie" is fantastic. Anyway it's only 5 minutes out of a 2 hr album. "Aerial" is pretty fantastic, all things considered. (12 year absence, last two albums not really that great anyway...)
  14. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    Well I don't have a kid and I still manage to love Bertie: it's like saying you have to be anorexic or bullimic to really "get" Geri Halliwell.

    My absolute favourites from the album are An Architect's Dream and Nocturn. When Kate gushes "it's just great" on the former I can't help but smile, she sings it as it is.
  15. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    I love the trio of Somewhere In Between/Nocturn/Aerial on the Sky part.

    The Sea part of the album is okay, but soundwise it reminds me a bit too much of The Red Shoes.
  16. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    'Nocturn' is fucking amazing. In my top three Kate songs, easily. The way it builds from nothing into the most incredible... noise.

  17. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    That was my first reaction as well -perhaps because i think that it is a very underestimated (practically unknown) album.
    On the other hand, i also think thet Hounds of Love is more 'ballanced': the wild achievements of Dreaming are incorporated in a more 'humane', "Never For Ever"-like form. A fantastic feature in the 'Hounds...' expressive archtecture is that it is in fact two albums: note the radical difference berween side A and B of the LP -and the fact that she gave each a seperate title ('Hounds of Love', 'The Ninth Wave' -with the latter, the dark side, being clearly superior in my opinion).
    This said, 'my favourite KB album' is an impossible question: 'Dreaming', 'Hounds of Love' or 'Kick Inside' -depends what side i get out of bed. And 'Lionheart', 'Never Forever' are fantastic ass well.

    As for Aerial, it is definately her best album since the 'Hounds'. Totally amazing (except 'Bertie', i must confess).
  18. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    If you think the album was dull, whouldn't you be more annoyed if on top of that she was trying to push it?
    Anyway, let's see the facts: she had not released an album for 12 years; before that (from 'Sensual World' to 'Red Shoes') she took another 7 or 8; and before (from 'Hounds of Love' to 'Sensual World') another 7. She has not done a single gig since 1982.
    So please, don't take the complete lack of promo-work as snobbism addressed to you personally, nor as anything to do with the child. The first thing you come to know about KB is that she is PATHOLOGICALLY LAZY -and you take it from there.
  19. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    1985 - Hounds of Love

    1989 - The Sensual World

    1993 - The Red Shoes

    Where are these 7 year gaps?

    And I know she did a mini-gig in 1987 performing Running Up That Hill and a cover of Let It Be.
  20. Re: General Kate Bush discussion thread

    sorry! Grave dislexia, especially as i was posting late at night without having the records before me.

    Still, 4 year gaps; and one (alleged) gig in over 20 years do not exactly argue against the 'pathological lazyness' thesis, do they?
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