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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Kate, apparently, really struggled to write Love and Anger but thank god she persevered as it is top tier KT!

    I adore The Sensual World album, but Between a Man and a Woman can get in the bin.
  2. One of the best songs of all time...

    whack it on streaming Kate!
  3. Yes, Love and Anger is absolutely fantastic, and her laughter at the end of the song, is ace.
  4. That's a common misconception, the laughter belongs to 'The Fog'; 'Love And Anger' ends with her saying 'yeah'. CD track indexes on some pressings are wrong.
  5. I love The Red Shoes.
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  6. The Sensual World - amazing.

    The Red Shoes - at the time, sounded a bit behind the curve; dated drum sounds especially. Also, the Prince collaboration is better in demo form, Eat The Music is the worst thing she's ever recorded and Big Stripey Lie is a mess (although an interesting mess). However, there are SO MANY good songs - Rubberband Girl, Moments Of Pleasure, Top Of The City, You're The One, The Song Of Solomon, Lily - that I will forgive it anything. Also, Kate's apparent plan to make an album she could tour was right on the money - those songs would have sounded brilliant live.
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  7. The title track of The Sensual World is probably my favorite Kate song ever. What a masterpiece, and the video is gorgeous.
  8. Mmmm, yes!

    And then The Blue Nile went and released Hats a week before The Sensual World album, and everything changed for me. Wonder what my relationship with the album would be like, had that not happened.
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  9. You have such perfect taste.
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  10. I’ll sing it’s praises whenever I can - Among Angels is absolute top-tier Kate and one of her best ever songs.

    Just her and the piano (and strings) it harkens back to one of the more intimate moments from her first three albums, or even This Woman’s Work, but just.... stretched out. I mean, just these two verses over 7 minutes:

    Only you can do something about it
    There's no-one there, my friend, any better
    I might know what you mean, when you say you fall apart
    Aren't we all the same? In and out of doubt...
    I can see angels standing around you
    They shimmer, like mirrors, in Summer
    But you don't know it...

    And they will carry you o'er the walls
    If you need us, just call
    Rest your weary world in their hands
    Lay your broken laugh at their feet...
    I can see angels around you
    They shimmer, like mirrors, in Summer
    There's someone who's loved you forever but you don't know it...
    You might feel it and just not show it

    And you just feel every word, every note, every chord. I’ve always read the song as being trying to get through to someone who’s lost in depression.
  11. That's a great interpretation. I believe it's a companion piece to A Coral Room; whereas that was about her mother's death, Among Angels is about her father's.
  12. “Eat the Music” is great what the hell.
  13. This kind of ruined my day.
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  14. I agree, fun song.
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  15. Just streaming A Man With A Child In His Eyes. To think she was barely a teenager when she wrote this absolute masterpiece. Incredible.
  16. The level of maturity as a songwriter for a 19 year old on The Kick Inside is astounding.
    And apparently she started writing some of those songs as young as 11.
  17. Indeed, outstanding.
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  18. I went looking for a source on this as it doesn’t strike me as feeling right and the fact the 2018 remastered versions that Kate oversaw/approved keep the laugh with “Love and Anger” and found this (heated) debate 30 years ago:

    I like the one response saying that, according to Kate, it belongs to both as an end to one and the beginning of another.
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  19. I'd like it if it was this too.
  20. The more I’m thinking about this the more I feel that the laugh is just an interlude between the two and not specifically belonging to one or the other. Besides, the original UK CD had it at the end of “Love and Anger” and the original US CD had it at the beginning of “The Fog”.
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