Kate Bush

For me, the original versions of This Woman's Work and Moments of Pleasure lacked something, and the 2011 versions added that . Or maybe they took something from the originals that was not needed for me. Does that make sense? Probably not hehehe
Not keen on the Director’s Cut version of either song. Moments of Pleasure loses its chorus lyrics, and Kate said in her Director’s Cut interviews that the reason the Bill Duffield line is missing (“Hey there, Bill, would you turn the lights up?”) is because the tape ran out! Seemed a silly reason to give. I know it was her tribute originally and therefore hers to choose to leave out, but it seemed a bit disrespectful in my opinion.
they / them
This Woman's Work is the only thing I liked on Director's Cut - but yes, it's still a million miles away from the magnificence of the original. I do like it though - a perfectly pleasant alternate version.