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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. The Red Shoes is probably at the very bottom of my ranking ddd
  2. Absolutely one of my favourites. Yes, some of the production sounds a little "dated", but it's littered with fantastic songs.
  3. The Red Shoes is Kate’s “big pop girl” album.
  4. Honestly I think some of Aerial sounded more dated at its release. The Red Shoes just sounds of its time.
  5. I mean, the great thing is there isn’t a bad Kate Bush album.
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  6. I do think that Director's Cut is objectively bad. Sorry!
  7. I completely disagree! Some of the songs were taken to a higher level for me
  8. Ohh really? Which ones did you think were improved?

    I must reinvestigate, but it did nothing for me at the time.
  9. Off the top of my head: And So Is Love, Deeper Understanding, moments of pleasure, This Woman's Work...
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  10. Yes, it does sound very 1993 in places and perhaps more "pop" for Kate, but that's part of it's charm for me. And So Is Love, is my favourite Kate Bush song ever.
  11. Wow. Couldn't disagree more to be honest. Moments of Pleasure is my favourite ever Kate song and I was horrified by the treatment it received. The same with This Woman's Work. Oh well, different horses for different courses and all that!
  12. Yes, not keen at all on The Directors Cut to be truthful!
  13. I wouldn’t say that ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ and ‘This Woman’s Work’ could be improved on as they’re both some of the best songs ever written. However the versions on Director’s Cut are admirable reinterpretations and beautiful in their own way.
  14. For me, the original versions of This Woman's Work and Moments of Pleasure lacked something, and the 2011 versions added that . Or maybe they took something from the originals that was not needed for me. Does that make sense? Probably not hehehe
  15. Not keen on the Director’s Cut version of either song. Moments of Pleasure loses its chorus lyrics, and Kate said in her Director’s Cut interviews that the reason the Bill Duffield line is missing (“Hey there, Bill, would you turn the lights up?”) is because the tape ran out! Seemed a silly reason to give. I know it was her tribute originally and therefore hers to choose to leave out, but it seemed a bit disrespectful in my opinion.
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  16. This Woman's Work is the only thing I liked on Director's Cut - but yes, it's still a million miles away from the magnificence of the original. I do like it though - a perfectly pleasant alternate version.
  17. The Red Shoes is probably some of her most accessible music too. I liked it instantly. The production has dated of course but I still return to that record lots and enjoy it so much every time.
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  18. I liked it instantly too, it does feel more accessible too which not gonna lie, can be a plus. Only wish the 2018 remaster, was't so quiet.
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  19. Oh I listened to 'The Red Shoes' for the first time in a while over the weekend, "Lily" is always such an exciting listen for me. Could do without the long intro talk, but the chorus is one of her genius moments on that album, and I like the double vocals on it. "Top of the City" will always be a gem too, one of her most overlooked songs.
  20. LOVE Lilly!
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