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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. 'Moments Of Pleasure' on Director's Cut is incredible. If the original was Kate literally crying about how cruel life can be and how we should savour the small moments, then the latter was Kate mourning those we've lost and remembering the good times.

    The only track I don't think much of on Director's Cut is 'And So Is Love', simply because it's a dull makeover.

    A little Kate titbit: Kate personally sent a message to the BBC last year to say she really loved what the Strictly band did with 'Running Up That Hill' -

  2. The live versions of those track from her tour a few years back are also stunning.
  3. I feel the opposite; of all her Golden age albums it’s the most alienating for me (and then came along 50 Words of Snow). Bar the title track, “Moments of Pleasure”, and “Constellation of the Heart” I just can’t get into it.

    Though considering my favorite album and the one I found the most “instant” of hers is the one most people have said they had difficulty getting into (The Dreaming) so maybe you’re right.
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  4. live versions of “Lily”, “Top of the City”, “Joanni”, “Never Be Mine” and “King of the Mountain” were all incredible and better than the album versions
  5. It is rare I read anyone say The Dreaming was 'instant' for them, ha. I think it's her most interesting album and I do enjoy it but boy it took me ages to get there.
  6. The Dreaming, is an interesting listen, although not an album I would find myself putting on every day either.
  7. I try not to dwell too much on the fact that she didn’t film the show or hasn’t put the live album on streaming…

    *nose begins to bleed*
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  8. That’s just it, it was filmed! When she released the live album in 2016, she said in interviews “I’m not saying we won’t ever release it [on DVD etc] but there are no plans.”
  9. Oh it’s available on Amazon music (well, I don’t know if it’s actually available in the U.K. because I was originally charged and received no download, but a chat with customer services then dropped the goods in my library).

    The new coda in ‘Prologue’ is fantastic.
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  10. When I first heard The Dreaming in 1985, it was nothing like anything else I was listening to at that time. However, I had already heard The Ninth Wave so maybe that helped. It gets more weird (in a very good way) every time I hear it.
  11. How did it feel to listen to Hounds Of Love at the time? Did it fit with the music climate?
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  12. Kind of yes and no. The single was very different to anything on the charts, we were all in post-Live Aid mode....it was Sting, Queen, U2, Dire Straits, Bryan Ferry. And then...Kate returns. It was a BIG deal. Yet the sound of the album, with its Fairlights and very muscular sound, fitted in some how with the Tears For Fears type thing that was also around. That's probably its closest musical relative from the time, the non-singles from Songs From The Big Chair.

    But something like Cloudbusting, that was WAY out there. I think Kate was right not to agree to EMI's choice of that for lead single.
  13. That singles run from Hounds Of Love. Glorious.
  14. They got it spot on (apart from muddying The Big Sky a little).
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  15. Don't mind that single mix at all must admit.
  16. It's fine on its own, but jars when placed on the album.
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  17. I love the single mix but I was horrified that the latest reissues actually replaced the original album version with it. I’d have rather Kate add in a bonus disc with single versions and alternate versions but that’s clearly asking for too much.
  18. Also why does it fade so early, it's like 50 second fade.
  19. The Red Shoes is completely taking over my life this week, and it still stings so many don't seem to appreciate how good most of it is. I mean, "Moments of Pleasure" is sublime. "Eat the Music" is a joyous rush. And "The Song of Solomon" is one of my favorite Kate tracks ever.
  20. I fully approve of all of this.
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