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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Was this posted before?

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  2. Tori Amos' new album threw me into an extended Kate & Tori weekend. I just put on 50 Words For Snow .... (I only play that in November & December). It is so, so good!!! I wish she's do a part II at some point
  3. I may pop that on today. I didn't connect with it at the time but I do really enjoy it now, especially in this darker/colder weather.
  4. My feelings exactly. Never quite connected with it much before to be honest.
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  5. I’ve only heard about three singles/tracks from Tori’s album but they all had me thinking ‘Kate’ as they played. Cue similar KB binge. Is the rest of the album in a similar vein?
  6. Will there ever be a full new album from Kate I wonder??
  7. I hope so. I have more interest in that than the new Abba album if I’m honest.
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  8. I have no reason to think so, but I feel like we’ll get one more out of her.
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  9. She's been recording new music on and off since 2015, so something is definitely arriving at some point. She ain't done, yet.
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  10. Yes, just a case of when not if I suppose.
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  11. Very much so. It sounds more Kate than Tori to me.
  12. With artists like Kate, Siouxsie and Grace, new music will always come as a surprise and a blessing.
    They've already given us so much but I really hope there's at least one more album in all of them.
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  13. Yes! The opener gives me major Kate meets Divers Joanna Newsom and her vocals throughout have a similar warmth as Aerial Kate. It is firmly a Tori Amos album (the pronunciation, the piano, the outward grief) but probably the moment since “Cornflake Girl” that I most heard Kate in her music.
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  14. If ABBA can release a new album I'm sure Kate can/will.
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  15. Yes, not even Kate has left it as long as 40 years!
  16. Yet.
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  17. 3 more decades to go to match that!
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  18. I do hope so. As an avid collector, with an attic full of useless Kate Bush merch, I'd love a new album to encourage me to get it all out again for a good look through!
  19. the title track sounds like it’s straight off “Directors Cut”
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  20. A new surprise Kate release would make this year in music perfect! So many of my favourite 80's and early 90's artists have released at least a new single this year
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