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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I feel it will happen but she's never, ever, ever been in any rush to get material out has she..?
  2. Well that’s enough to put me off.
  3. Directors Cut. Still can't bear to listen to that album again following the Kate rate.
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  4. Not really.
  5. Tori's 'Metal Water Wood' from the recent album is soooo Kate. I adore it.
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  6. Nothing on Tori's album sounds like Directors Cut (thankfully).
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  7. Yeah, basically shit or get off the pot at this point.

    He's either over-hyping, lying, or being serious. Not sure which is worse, because if he's serious and wants to tie some kind of bullshit NFT, it really stains what should be a monumental creative achievement.
  8. Ugh, even if it's only tangentially related to the music itself, he might have found the one thing that would make me stop from enjoying a Big Boi/Kate Bush collaboration.
  9. It'll be a sample of one of her old hits surely? I just can't see them coming together to collaborate on something original.
  10. I do wonder what it will be, but do wish he'd just get on with it at this point.
  11. He's "ready to drop it". Is she?
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  12. I think I'm more sick of seeing pictures of Kate from 1978 and 1979 illustrating every article about her. I get that there are no recent pictures, but there are more representative ones from the 2010s at least!
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  14. I believe she has told him to hold off releasing it until she's ready.
  15. Which I guess makes more sense.
  16. Mmmm, yesss!
  17. This is all well and good but I need a full new album from Kate.
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  18. Pretty snowy in the Balkans, and just realized it's been a decade since her latest studio album. Jesus. Sorry for giving you guys palpitations, but I've been revisiting her catalogue lately, with "December Will Be Magic Again" being the entry. Eternal cult hit!
  19. It could do with saving already that's for sure.
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