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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Surely The Big Sky has to have the record for the earliest fade out... ever?
    I don't understand why it fades so early, it's so weird.
  2. I feel I've never really noticed this before, and now feel I wanna listen to this again now just to see!!
  3. Could be a concept album about being a virus
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  4. If she only could....
  5. World just gets worse and worse alas.
  6. Kate Bush - The Virus Visual Album has a certain ring to it.
  7. Some great Kate live clips in the 1978 and 1979 editions of Guy Garvey’s From The Vaults on Sky Arts if anyone interested.
  8. The Real Queen's Speech...

  9. Call me Mystic Meg, but I am certain she’ll be working on new music. You can sense the seeds of at least three future classics just in that short message.
  10. She's truly such a lovely human being I think.
  11. I'm reading ''hoping 2022 is a happier year for everyone" as 'new album incoming, plus a tour, get ready bitches, I'm coming'.

    Or is that just me?
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  12. Doesn’t quite sound like the prior 40 plus years but stranger things have happened.
  13. I think perhaps we will at least get one new song from Kate in 2022. But, as always, all we can do is wait and see.
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  14. Clearly I was joking.
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  15. She has been. It's likely been finished a while.
  16. Goldcrest would be an amazing title for a Kate Bush song
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  17. 50 Words For Snow on Apple AirPod Pros... whew
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  18. @Los Ageless shared this with me and I’m losing my mind, what do we think it is (if it’s anything)?
  19. Trap remix album?
  20. Hounds of Love (Kate's Version)
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