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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I mean, biggest possible would mean a whole new album, right?
  2. I'd be happy if it was just confirmation that she'd filmed a video for her song with Big Boi.
  3. I really hope it’s an album. Another show would be an exciting event, but I just know I’d miss out on tickets again - I want something I can keep forever.

    I mean, if we’re throwing out wild suggestions that aren’t completely impossible (however unlikely), then a visual album would be lovely.
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  4. I never expected another Kate album, and now this has me all excited!
  5. She's becoming a grandmother?
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  6. I’ve been hearing that it might be that she’ll be performing at the Queen’s Jubilee? Which would be fab but…a new album would be preferable!
  7. I mean...Under The Ivy on streaming services would make me happy for at least 2+ years.
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  8. Very intriguing wonder what it could be??
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  9. I hope she performs The Wedding List.
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  10. Would this be "the biggest possible" news? That would be kinda lame nn.
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  11. I’ll be living if it turns out she’s remastered the remasters or something.
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  12. Whatever it is, she should toss out a remastered Blu-ray of The Line, The Cross & The Curve.
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  13. Still think those 2018 remasters, were too on the quiet side gotta say.
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  14. Please be a new album, please be a new album, please be a new album.
  15. I mean… i'm dead again remembering and once again affirming we still don’t have the dvd…
  16. If she did deluxe editions of all her albums, complete with bsides, single versions, remixes and DVDs of the videos, I’d be stupid enough to buy them again even though I bought the boxsets.
  17. “Recently learned the biggest possible Kate Bush news (no, not a Before The Dawn DVD but massive nonetheless)”

    Biggest possible has to be a new album, doesn’t it? Though I’d class that as much bigger news than Before The Dawn on DVD. If it wasn’t that, wouldn’t the tweet have ruled that out as well?

    Any other news wouldn’t be all that big in comparison.
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  18. It has be an new album for sure at this stage, surely??
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  19. A new album has been ready for over a year, so it's got to be that. I wonder if she's held back because some live dates may also happen?
  20. Doesn't she have this song recorded with Big Boi too? What on earth, her Bittersweet World is coming
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