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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. This is all still so surreal
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  2. I bet nobody had "Kate Bush resurgence AND THEN SOME" on their 2022 bingo card!
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  6. My hopes are so incredibly high for her to release... anything on the back of this. Ideally new music, but even if we got an updated Greatest Hits / The Whole Story, that would be something. I want Katemas to last forever.
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  7. I would so happily snap up an updated The Whole Story-even an long overdue remaster of the original would be most welcome.
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  8. https://www.katebush.com/news/running-hill-0

  9. I think an updated Greatest Hits would be a smart move, though I imagine they would want a vinyl release to go with it though so... that could take a while.
  10. Two notes in one month!? Big pop girl era incoming
  11. You'll get some home-made mince pies and you'll like it.
  12. A moment from Before The Dawn I forgot about came back to me earlier. During 'The Morning Fog' when she sung "I tell my mother" she put her hands by her heart then "I tell my father" she put her head down in respect. It felt like such a personal moment and ever since the song has been more emotional to listen to, for me.
  13. The same with looking upward and touching her heart for ‘I’m cloudbusting Daddy!’ That song has never been the same since.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I have become insanely obsessed with Running Up That Hill and I love that for me! The fact that she is welcoming all this new/renewed interest so excitedly is just the cherry on top.
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  15. Can we manifest "And Dream of Sheep" as a worldwide #1 too?
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  16. I never liked "The Morning Fog" as the end of The Ninth Wave on record; it feels a bit makeweight. But the Before The Dawn version was an incredibly cathartic moment, stunningly performed - much better.
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  17. Wait...
    You US Heifers really did a masterpiece of an album dirty back in the 80's!!!!
  18. Her 1st and last GH colllection is from 1986, 36 years ago. Quite ironic it’s called The Whole Story and it covers her first 5 albums. She has released 5 more, but she doesn’t seem to care. Maybe she’s waiting for a 40th anniversary to update it!
    I know it takes some (vinyl) time to release a new GH, but she could definitely announce it, release the Stranger Things new edit now and a new track in October or November. She could even announce a tour!
    But she doesn’t seem to care. Not the collection. Not the tour (she didn’t do many in the last 43 years: tour of life in 1979 (29 dates!) and a 22 date residency at the Apollo back in 2014. Full stop.
    I have only 1 question: where does she get the money to live? She didn’t sell 20 million copies of one or two of her albums, she didn’t tour much, she doesn’t give her songs to advs…
    Lucky her!
  19. She wrote all of her material and produced most of it too. I'd imagine her publishing and performer royalties aren't too shabby!
    She also releases on her own label, meaning she gets a bigger piece of the pie than if she released through a major.
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