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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Thanks for guiding us through her career in a thread full of fans who already know this, I guess!
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  2. Hopefully the Big Boi collaboration will be out this summer.
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  3. LTG


    I hope Bertie’s going to get a bonus this year for all the messages he’s uploading.
  4. Kate's first tour basically left her with PTSD due to extreme exhaustion and the death of a friend on said tour, plus she has a fear of flying (hence why she hardly goes abroad) so the lack of touring is completely understandable. The 2014 shows happened because Bertie gave her the confidence and push to get back out and the residency idea appealed to her more because she could design a show specifically for that space.

    The Bush family weren't poor anyway, but Kate earned her millions due to the fact she wrote and produced near enough everything in her catalog professionally from the age of 13.
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  5. Icons only!!!

    Now let's turn Anywhere Is into a global #1 please and thank you
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  6. Also - I know its rare for her to license her music but 'Running...' has appeared on Pose, It's A Sin and Stranger Things in the last few years.

    Plus its placement at the olympics and the 2012 edit?

    She's getting hers for sure. Deservedly.
  7. I asked my 12 year old niece if she'd heard of the song, as she loves Stranger Things, she looked at me blank-faced and then showed her phone with the song on it. My feelings of pride almost made me overlook her sassy attitude.
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  8. I've been hammering the 12" mix a lot. Those extra, anguishy ad-libs and harder drum beat are everything.
  9. Running Up That Hill has appeared on a lot of 80s compilations too, mostly alternative 80s and the recent Now 6 reissue. Whether they'll continue licensing it to compilations after this resurgence is another question,
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  10. So, will this thread be moved to Pop & justice now? I mean, a global top 10 artist!
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  11. I mean it really is the definition of PopJustice, so I agree!
  12. I agree, we should swap this thread with the Janet one since Kate is for sure going to release a new album before Miss Jackson!
  13. If Babooshka can be on the new Now 1980...
  14. You're always welcome, @Future Lover !
  15. Kate Bush (likely) being at the top of the UK charts again is a plot twist I never saw coming.

    I have been a huge fan of her for most of my life, and I am so immensely proud of her. I am also intensely jealous of the wild ride the newbies get to go on when they delve into her work!

    I let my mind wander and convinced myself for a sec that she’ll ride on this hype and drop a new song tomorrow, if the rumours are true that she’s had a new album ready for a while. Stranger things (lol) have happened x
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  16. I seem to recall she really had to be convinced by a label executive to release The Whole Story, as she thought it was a terrible idea.

    EDIT - Found the quote from Q in 2006:

    Her career seems to be even more on her terms now than ever, so I’m guessing the final decision would rest with her. It would be great for the locals to actually get a full glimpse into what she’s about, but I’d obviously take a new album over that any day.
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  17. Maybe this is a good place to discuss the current success of this classic?

    Fingers crossed for a UK number one today!!
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  18. It's highly likely Kate would point people to her remasters if they mentioned a compilation, which is a shame.

    Rediscovered this yesterday -

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  19. Judging by the sales gap on Wednesday's update, it's in the bag.

    And it's deserved too, even though I wish it had been reset a week earlier and been able to get to number 1 on its biggest sales week, and then been able to get multiple weeks on top. Never mind.

    Even if it drops from number one over the next couple of weeks, I can see it going back up when part 2 of Stranger Things drops at the start of July.
  20. Yeah I read an interview with the Duffer Brothers that says the song is used again in Volume 2, the song seems to have legs which is amazing.
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