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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. This makes me want to cry with joy almost as much as ABBA Voyage! Kate back catalogue binge still ongoing….
  2. HUGE congrats to Kate! At last she's done it!!!
  3. An actual Popjustice.
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  4. LTG


  5. Cloudbusting next please.
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  6. Incredible news! I wonder if we'll get an interview from her anytime soon. I'd love to hear from her what this whole experience has been like for her watching this unfold. What we've seen with this resurgence is truly a phenomenon and unheard of. Most older songs that get a boost has its moment for a few days, maybe a week at the most and then go away, but this not only had a boost, it's remained stable for weeks now, and has been picking up airplay like its a brand new single which has been insane to see.
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  7. Maybe she’ll write a song about it
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  8. I am so pleased she's risen to no 1 in the UK and Ireland, too, the country her mother came from. Well done Kate!!
  9. Ok now it's time to send Hounds of Love and Moments of Pleasure to #1, come on gays!
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  10. Amazing news, I'm enraptured by it. A real Popjustice as everyone else has said. National treasure, streaming giant Kate Bush, it's what she deserves.

    Imagine if she releases the full single to streaming, and we finally get Under The Ivy as a little treat
  11. The campaign to get December Will Be Magic Again for Christmas #1 starts now.
  12. I asked my niece today (16 years old) who is obsessed with Stranger Things if she had been listening to Running up that hill. She took great pleasure telling me it was on her playlist.

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  13. Seeing her at 30 million monthly streams on Spotify is wild man! I'm so pleased for her. I also love that the use of the song in the series is basically about music saving your life as a teenager, because this very song did that for me, and also unlocked the best musical adventure I've ever been on. Running Up That Hill was my gateway, I'll never forget hearing the song on a compilation called Woman when I was in my teens and feeling a certain type of way, and I just kept replaying over and over again, almost like I couldn't believe such a perfect song existed. Then I got the Whole Story and then an album a week until I had every single thing she'd ever recorded. Kate Bush message boards were my first ever internet message boards too. I'll never forget the thrill of King of the Mountain being released and getting to part of that experience in real time, and then opening night at her concert series was and remains my favourite ever live music experience. Popjustice indeed!
  14. via Billboard (https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/kate-bush-running-up-that-hill-radio-1235089191/). Really interesting article showing its potential to grow on radio. Still a lot of life left in this song!
  15. Absolutely fucking amazing.
  16. It’s just right.
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  17. Running Up Them Charts.

    Amazing news for a fantastic artist and track!
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  18. If there was true pop justice, this would have been #1 for the last 37 years anyway and we wouldn't be discussing this now.
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  19. I'm pleased as punch for her. It's also great to hear she herself is thrilled by all this renewed interest. I've listened to pretty much nothing but Kate's discography the past couple weeks, and it just feels so good.
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  20. I'm getting way more Kate Bush recommendations on YouTube now.
    This little gem came up. The way the 'violin violin viOOOOHHHHLLLEEEHHEEEIIIN' randomly comes into my brain 2 or 3 times a year.

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