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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Me after Mighty Hoopla.
  2. Ok, so I admit I do not know a lot of Kate's material outside of the obvious amazing singles (Wuthering, Woman's Work, Running..., Cloudbusting etc etc)

    I do recall being completely fascinated by her around the time she did Before The Dawn. I think maybe it was the secrecy about it all and what we did see just seemed to be so conceptual and intriguing. But I still didn't actively look out any of her albums. So I will definitely change that now.

    However, I have noticed that I'm getting lots of recommendations on YouTube recently for her. And this one just popped up. I think I watched the first 30 seconds of it a few years ago, intrigued that it was a live vocal, but it obviously didn't grab me for whatever reason.

    Well, I've just been absolutely wiped out by it. It's achingly, hauntingly beautiful. The older, darker voice. Still with strength, but cracks of fragility too. Gorgeous. And when she brings it in to whisper "dream of sheep", I got fucking chills.

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  3. The Ninth Wave is flawless on every level.
  4. Violin is the real banger from that album.
  5. To echo everybody else, the part that's warming my heart the most about this is that this wasn't some flash in the pan resurgence the week the season dropped that quickly fell off - it's climbed each week for three weeks now and truly feels like it's finding a new audience amongst a new generation through sheer force of how genuinely incredible it remains as a piece of music, in spite of times or trends.
  6. An absolute pop justice indeed - so pleased for her, and three records broken in the process I see:

    Longest ever gap between #1's.
    Longest time taken for a song to reach #1.
    Oldest female artist to score a #1.

    The world is so hungry for a new Kate Bush album right now, it'd be borderline cruel or obtuse to not give us what we want.
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  7. I caught the latter part of the Kate Bush special on Radio 2 with Gary Davies. Never thought I’d ever hear There Goes A Tenner on the radio!

    To put things in a personal perspective… my parents and brother all died in their early to mid 50s and I’m 50 now. Currently I’m thinking “well at least I lived long enough to witness a new ABBA album and Kate Bush at number one again”. Both of those were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams a few years ago.
  8. Which track pops up at the end of episode #2nof the new Amazon series The Lake? Yes, another deal with God!
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  9. And it’s still a bit barking that Running Up That Hill isn’t really the song’s title.

    Legend has it that EMI favoured Cloudbusting as the first single, but Kate put her foot down and said, “No, it has to be Deal With God”. Kate had form on this, she’d favoured Wuthering Heights over EMI’s choice of James and The Cold Gun and the rest, as they say, is history.

    But after The Dreaming’s relative failure, they weren’t about to let her have her way entirely, and advised her that many countries would ban the song simply because it had “God” in its title. Kate made a very unKate-like decision and compromised, changing its name. The fact it still had “God” very prominently in its chorus didn’t seem to matter to these countries, and Kate was left wondering if her rare concession was really necessary.

    We’ll never know. It might still have been a big UK hit and in a few other countries, but perhaps no where near its current legendary status.
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  10. I got a bit emotional reading her message about this earlier. You can tell she is really overcome with the love for the song, yet she still graciously gives the Duffer brothers the credit.

    It's #1 in eight countries right now. Insane.
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  11. I thought abbreviations weren’t allowed on this forum?

    I don’t care, but could you explain what it means.
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    this next, please
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  13. A masterclass in perfection.
  14. An awful thing to say, but I feel like this will be the song that blows up when she passes away.

    Not for a very long time yet though of course!
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  15. Listening to this now, I love that they included Experiment IV.


    I vividly remember seeing that video for the first time in 1986 - as a 12. y.o. I did not get it at all hehehe, and was so disappointed she was hardly in the video!
    The video version is THE version for me, so glad it was finally released in 2018
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  16. She got the royal seal of approval after snatching her record for oldest woman to have a number 1:

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  17. Experiment IV is just super underrated.
  18. What feels so satisfying about this is that it looks like the world is finally ready to catch up with her. She has basically created a whole new niche for herself and countless others, her influence can be seen everywhere from 90s alternative singer-songwriters to 2012 Tumblr girls. It's finally time to reap the rewards.
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  19. Indeed. It's her time at last and so good to see too.
  20. It's apparently again being used prominently in the second half of Stranger Things which is dropping in July, so I'm fully expecting this to be lingering around as a smash all over summer. Wild.
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