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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. That radio show is a great listen. I don't know why this is making me so happy/emotional. She's always been my number 1, I've spent years hounding friends to listen, and now it feels like a full circle moment. It really is quite extraordinary how contemporary the songs are, timeless productions for the most part.
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  2. Who on here is old enough to remember the hiatus years 1994-2005? The draught!!

    The tribute CD I Wanne Be Kate inspired me to actively search for Kate-esque female singers, using the Ectophiles Guide To Good Music as inspiration, as back then, Last.Fm, Spotify etc were nowhere in sight...

    I made mix-Cds of those discoveries - I think I have about 40 volumes - from 1998-2010, including big names but also many unknown women (some, in hindsight, weren't as Kate-esque as I wanted them to be...)
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  3. … and we love to see it!
  4. I would've included 'Suspended in Gaffa' replacing 'There Goes A Tenner.' Happy to see 'Under The Ivy' there.
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  5. I was born in 1990 but very much grew up with Kate’s music - my Dad was and still is a big fan. The drought didn’t impact me so much as those years I was discovering ALL SORTS of music but I do remember when Aerial dropped and King Of The Mountain had its premier on channel 4. And even then I knew what a huge deal it was that she had finally emerged.

    Oddly the gap between 50 Words and now is almost the same as the gap between The Red Shoes and Aerial.
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  6. I know! Though her 2012 version of Running Up That Hill, the Before the Dawn shows and the 2018 remastered sets do not make it feel like a hiatus
  7. I listened to all six official versions of Running Up That Hill this morning (plus Under The Ivy) and dug out my 7”, 12”, 10” RSD picture disc and 2012 CD promo.

    I didn’t realise just how different the 2012 new vocal remix is from the Before The Dawn version, but both are refreshing after hearing the original so much lately. The 1987 live version with Dave Gilmour is quite fast, never really liked it. The 12” is typical of extended versions in the 80s - remove some lines, add echoes on others and throw in plenty of instrumental bits. The actual instrumental version is interesting as the backing vocals are still present and easier to listen to.
  8. They would be silly not to pull out the strings version from stranger things now.
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  9. I was lucky really because I became a hardcore fan in 2003-4, so I only caught the tail end of the 12-year hiatus.
  10. I hope they use another song in the second half of the season… Hounds of Love deserves a moment.
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  11. Call me sentimental, but I'm finding this all so inspiring. That Kate, seemingly out of nowhere, is having such an enormous worldwide hit. POPJUSTICE. Wonderful things ARE possible.
  12. The world changes and moves on and evolves. But Kate Bush’s phenomenal talent and this immaculate song always remains the same. It’s comforting.
  13. Cher's tweet here makes me feel so happy. The support, the comradery. We love to see it.
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  14. Sameish. I had a copy of The Kick Inside on vinyl of my Dad's that got regular plays when I was younger, and then I sort of drifted away until around the time I was 16, and fully on my way out around 02/03
    The Whole Story (yes I prefer the new vocal take of Wuthering Heights) and a copy of The Red Shoes from a charity shop started me on my worship properly.
    I mean, I know it's not seen as one of the best, I feel that's why I'll always have a massive soft spot for the album.
    Top Of The City, Eat The Music, Rubberband Girl, The Red Shoes, You're The One and And So Is Love are all classics in my eyes.

    I'm a little astonished Hounds Of Love the album isn't also shooting up the charts more, but it doesn't detract from the elation of it all one bit (I want more people to discover Cloudbusting right now)
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  15. No disrespect here but why? There Goes A Tenner was the UK single and, although Suspended In Gaffa did better elsewhere (well, number 33 in France apparently) there’s still no real evidence that it would have done well in the UK. Homeground (the semi-official Kate Bush fanzine) used to go on about this but I’ve always seen it as akin to ABBA’s Just Like That worshippers. Imagining what might have been because they didn’t like how it actually was.

    Suspended In Gaffa is a great song but the idea that it would have been a UK hit after The Dreaming stalled at number 48 is questionable.

    1982 wasn’t a great year commercially for some acts, was it? Kate, ABBA, Queen. Two of them recovered relatively quickly whilst the other took a full 10 years (and a further 29 years to release something new!).
  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    It’s worded beautifully, very heartwarming!
  17. My thoughts exactly. All the Hounds Of Love singles are gems. The title track especially is EPIC.
  18. I bet they'll release it once Version 2 is out. Perfect timing with radio building it up for it to go #1 in the States! The momentum is there!
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  19. If she decides to release an updated version of The Whole Story, I hope it comes with a 'deep cuts' bonus disc:

    1 Moving
    2 The Kick Inside
    3 Coffee Homeground
    4 The Infant Kiss
    5 Leave It Open
    6 Get Out Of My House
    7 All The Love
    8 Jig Of Life
    9 Hello Earth
    10 The Fog
    11 Never Be Mine
    12 The Song Of Solomon
    13 How to Be Invisible
    14 A Coral Room
    15 Among Angels
    16 Aerial
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