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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Ah yes, I too feel elated as my beloved family member is taken away by government officials, leaving me unattended at our isolated research base and left with a crushing, traumatic recurring dream about it.
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  2. If Kate releases new music then I'll definitely redo everything.
  3. I thought I'd try to work out how many times I have bought 'Running Up That Hill' over the years.

    Answer: too many to be judged sane.

  4. WOW, that's quite an collection. Very nice though!!
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  5. So, Hounds of Love is generally considered her opus. But true Little Babooshkas know their favorite is The Dreaming. Her yelps are in fine form--hello, "Pull Out the Pin"--and I'm here for it.
  6. It’s called having a mental illness and Hee hawing along with Ms Bush at the end
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  7. I'm a Little Washing Machine so I know that Aerial is her best album. By a considerable margin! You won't change my mind.
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  8. The Dreaming has been my favourite for so long, I just love the darker storytelling and the fact she is pushing her vocal to unusual places. I mean, eating chocolate purposefully to sound phlegmy (to mimic a voice suffocating from smoke) before recording is genius.

    It's 40 years old this year!
  9. Luvvely Berties assemble
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  10. I am a proud Little Brown Jug.
  11. A Sky of Honey is one of the most glorious pieces of music ever recorded.

    A Sea of Honey is…patchy.
  12. The remix SLAPS!

  13. New Kate radio interview tomorrow!

    Kate speaks! We're all excited to hear this interview with Kate tomorrow morning on BBC Radio 4! The show has tweeted: "Join us tomorrow morning for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kate Bush. She joined @emmabarnett to discuss topping the charts and gaining legions of new fans." Tune in at 10am:
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  14. Just came to post that too! So exciting - praying she says something about new material and future plans.

    The music in that Stranger Things trailer is just incredible. They're doing such amazing things with the song.
  15. Do you agree?

  16. Nice to be getting some promo from Kate!
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  17. Surely we’ll get a solid answer in that interview whether or not new material is in the pipeline.
  18. Ok but my fellow woman's workers let me here ya'll make some noise!!!! The Sensual World is probably the second best album for me these days. Never Be Mine might be my favourite Kate album track. Rocket's Tail is a masterpiece also, what a moment.
  19. The Sensual World, tends to get overlooked following Hounds Of Love. But to be honest, I prefer it.
  20. This is the correct order:

    1= Hounds of Love/Aerial
    3= Dreaming/Sensual World
    5= Red Shoes/Kick Inside/50 Words/Directors Cut/Never for Ever
    10 Lionheart.

    I'd give Lionheart a measly 8.5/10 as an album.
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