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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Ah, I’m an Apple Music gal so I wouldn’t know.
  2. Never trust anything Kate says.

    She loves playing with us.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked if it was conceived or demoed during The Dreaming era, it has such a dark sinister tone that feels almost like a bridge between eras, especially when the "ooooooh ahhhhoooooo haaaa" adlibs come in, it's very The Dreaming-esque.
  4. She’s done it! Two weeks at number 1!

    Bizarre that the parent album is still languishing at number 80…
  5. Another official proclamation!

    Two things in a week, this is almost 1985 levels of media omnipresence...
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  6. Been listening to the BBC Sounds ‘Kate Bush at the BBC’ special - long play of the songs with snippets of interviews with her throughout her career through to Before The Dawn. A lovely little compendium.
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  7. I just want four little words, Kate. New music is coming.
  8. There was a programme from 2020 marking the 35th anniversary of Hounds of Love, but it seems to have gone now and replaced by another two-hour programme from last weekend. In it, they had two people talking about Hounds of Love (I think one of them was Guy Garvey) and neither of them realised that The Ninth Wave was a concept. I found that a bit surprising as they both implied they had known the album for most of its existence. I suppose it is possible to take them as seven separate songs, and I perhaps did originally myself, but certainly not 35 years on!
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  9. She's coming for that third week...
    And then the Stranger Things Mix will push it to 6
  10. Typical BBC, just get in the usual trendy talking heads of the day and have them pretend they know the subject. It's like when they get Martin Freeman to talk about the career of Stevie Wonder as if he's some sort of lifetime expert.
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  11. The Guy Garvey one from 2020 is back on BBC sounds - was listening earlier.

    Also, I have just found out that she now lives 15mins from where I grew up. Suddenly I must go back home to visit family…
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  12. This is old. I own it on DVD but it's a pretty good deep dive into the Hounds of Love album if anyone hasn't seen it.

  13. I still an hopeful Hounds Of Love an album itself, will eventually feel the effect of all of this this. More than deserves it.
  14. I think the album would be doing better if there were any vinyl copies around. I almost bought it on vinyl a few months ago, I regret not doing that now. I've had the download for years, makes me realise how worthless downloads are.
  15. There was an HMV exclusive last year I think, where they issued it on recycled multi-coloured vinyl (so no two copies could be the same). Think it was available instore from 4pm on a Saturday. I didn’t bother. As usual, the eBay flippers bought up plenty.
  16. Have Hounds Of Love on vinyl. From a visual point of view, this is her most striking album artwork I think.
  17. Though I’ve bought it on CD (three times, so far!), I felt an urge to own Hounds of Love on vinyl and caved into the urge, last weekend.
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  18. It's so sad she is so wary of public opinion these days that she has to build up the courage to even listen to an interview. She is adored and I wish she felt that.

    The very first vinyl pressing of Hounds Of Love is still the best sounding. I think the album could get a big push if the title track is featured anywhere?
  19. I’ve been loving Aerial and The Red Shoes all over again. A Sky of Honey is one of the best things by anyone, ever, obviously. Perfect for this time of year. And The Red Shoes - if you shorten it, say trimming off the more maudlin Song or Solomon and And So Is Love - is all killer. So affecting and enjoyable. And now that it’s out of its original era it’s freed from feeling a little old fashioned, which perhaps it did at the time. It was really just potent stuff, all along!
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  20. And So Is Love, is my favourite, but always nice to see love/praise for The Red Shoes especially!
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