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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. The Red Shoes isn't a bad album by any means, it's just a little over inflated with a couple of real duds (Constellation of the Heart, Big Stripey Lie). If she stuck to 10 tracks like she had with her previous release, it would have been a decent album.

    Moments of Pleasure, Top of the City and The Red Shoes are discography highlights.
  2. Moments Of Pleasure is perhaps her most greatest vocal performance too. One of so many anyway!
  3. Ahh, you see, I’ve always thought Big Stripey Lie was excellent. And while Constellation of the Heart made me cringe as a teenager, now I’m older, I’m more relaxed about slightly inappropriate attempts to be “funky” (see also The Human League Crash), and I simply enjoy it instead!
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  4. Sorry! I think I just have an aversion to more straightforwardly bluesy numbers. I always take against the most old school R’n’B numbers on Paul McCartney albums as well…
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  5. No need to be sorry-different opinions after all!
  6. Im still kicking myself for not picking up the vinyl when I saw last summer
    The way you named two of my favorites from the album! There’s no way around admitting it’s a spotty album but it’s also a Kate Bush album so a spotty Kate Bush album is still amazing
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  7. Yes, everything she has done is interesting, so even with her albums that I enjoy slightly less (The Sensual World, 50 Words for Snow, Director’s Cut, for me), you can’t help but admire the creative energy going into her work at all times
  8. Some interesting videos uploaded to this YouTube

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  9. I'd love to have stems of The Red Shoes album (and some of The Sensual World) so I could reduce some of the "noise" that comes along with the drum-tracks.
  10. Oh absolutely. One of the album's biggest issues was always that it was a 1986 sounding album released in 1993, and the tinny drums are a big part of that problem.
  11. That's why yes Director's Cut may have it's issues but I appreciate what Kate attempted to do with those albums on it. 'Lily' and 'Top Of The City' are a lot better, musically.
  12. Getting rid of “The Song of Solomon,” well I never.
  13. I’ve got the remastered in vinyl box sets so I’ve no issue finding any of her studio albums, but the Whole Story vinyl is what I’ve been struggling to find, annoyingly I’ve seen this in charity shops over the years and I’ve just thought “one day I will buy it” and now it’s hard to find.
    Hoping tomorrow might be my lucky day.
  14. There are lots of copies on Discogs. I had forgotten I had bought a copy last year and was looking for one again today. Luckily, my collection is also on Discogs and I thought to check.
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  15. Sacrilegious!
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  16. Thanks.
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  17. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this already, but Lenny Henry was interviewed by Zoe Ball on Radio 2 this week (to promote his TV programme, Lenny Henry’s Caribbean Britain) and mentioned his collaboration with Kate for Why Should I Love You. He had scrambled eggs with her and said how lovely she was. Plus he made all the right noises about Running Up That Hill and how great it was that it was number one.

    The chorus of Why Should I Love You was played, even though Lenny’s contribution was actually “the finest purple” verse. Kate had sent the song to Prince, hoping he would do that verse, only for it to come back without it, so she got Lenny in instead.
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  18. I kind of want to see a copy before I purchase due to receiving a “mint” condition of NOW 16 from Discogs with dog hairs all over it and completely warped. I’m scarred!
  19. My mum found a copy of The Whole Story in a charity shop some years ago and purchased it for me just as I was started to collect vinyl. So happy to own it and it is a great collection.

    I really think there's room for a new hits album right now, so I think they'd be silly not to release something, especially if there isn't any new music on the horizon.
  20. I got The Whole Story on vinyl when it came out. My preferred format was cassette at the time (I didn’t yet have a CD player) but the vinyl version had the gatefold sleeve showing all Kate’s single covers along the bottom. This wasn’t included in the cassette, and in those days it was the only way to see what they looked like as I only had the recent ones.
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