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Kate Bush

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Surely now is the time for a career spanning compilation? I mean This Woman's Work (1 Cd version); The Best Of Kate Bush is right there.
  2. Featuring ALL the single versions (except “The Big Sky”, not because I hate it but because it was a bit annoying for the remaster to have the single mix instead of the original album version).
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  3. I am intrigued what the hold up is, maybe Kate will want to play some shows with this next album?
  4. I would so love for this to happen and it's totally long overdue. But alas, it will probably be The Whole Story (or most of it rather) for keeps.
  5. That title was already used for the 1990 boxed set. There were rumours that there was going to be a 22-track compilation called “The Complete Story” at one point, but it never happened.

    She never wanted The Whole Story to be released, and only allowed it when she was assured by EMI that it would be tastefully done. In the era of streaming, greatest hits albums are much less important, so I can’t see her putting one out again (particularly now that she has complete control of her post-1980 output). I could be wrong though.

    Ironically, the recent success of Running Up That Hill possibly makes a new compilation even less likely than before. She might have been persuaded to sell her rights to her work to Parlophone/Warners in order to get a windfall (which seems to be quite common now) but she’s done so well out of RUTH alone that I can’t see her doing that now. She’ll leave it all to Bertie instead.
  6. That's why I put 1 CD instead of 8 but I agree with your points that she doesn't need to make a deal with God for a compilation with the royalties being higher than a hill currently.
  7. I guess back in 1986 following the huge success of Hounds Of Love and the lucrative Christmas market coming up, there was no way EMI were not going to do a Greatest Hits album. More than paid off for them too over the decades, still charting now.
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  9. Though unfortunately it’s just the two 7” tracks. The 12” mix and the instrumental (the latter of which has never been issued on CD) are absent. A bit of a wasted opportunity really.
  10. The latest Mojo magazine is Kate Bush focused - includes a cover mounted CD with couple of KB collaborations, covers of her work and a raft of stuff the is said to have been an influence on her work/by people she worked with
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  11. Finally got a vinyl copy of Hounds of Love, it was in the 2 for £40 in Fopp, I got it with The Kick Inside, it would be rude not to.
  12. I only realised while listening to the Aerial vinyl last night that the re-recorded version of 'The Painters Link' with Bertie features new Kate vocals on the backing. So I'm guessing they were recorded 2018?
  13. No, from the 2014 live recordings as far as I’m aware.
  14. Really? Oh that's a shame.

  15. Just noticed this was added to US Spotify. “Experiment IV” finally.
  16. Someone get Under the Ivy on streaming.
  17. I am here to support this campaign loudly
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  18. …oh my god??
  19. Is this actually happening holy fuuuuuck?
  20. I really hope so. There'll never be a better moment.
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