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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SpanishEyes, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. I don't even know where to put her, but since she has had many TV specials, and there's three more to come this year, I thought I'd put her here.

    I love this woman! 50 and Not Pregnant was a return to form after that horrible Whores on Crutches, where she pretty much recycled material and was just boring. The next special is called Gurrl Down! (allegedly).

    Anyway, she tweeted this today: http://twitpic.com/56hppu and I thought she looks VERY hot for a 50-year-old.
  2. I love her so much, but I haven't seen the TV show in ages. Her mum is delightful.

    She has three main targets in her shows - Whitney, Sarah Palin and Oprah.
  3. The quality of her show has diminished rapidly in the last two series but my absolute favourite part (of so many...) is her trying to explain Facebook to her Mom so Maggie can run it. Think it's the Paris Hilton episode.


    "Bitch needs to be muzzled 4eva....".

    P.S What Madonna movie is your avatar from please?
  4. Yes.

  5. I saw her live at the Palladium in London yesterday and it was amazing, i've never laughed so much in my existence on this planet.
  6. Wonderful interview from Kathy Griffin, I had no idea she is touring outside her home country and that she had a sister, who died from cancer and in whose support she also shaved her head for.
    Go gurrrrrrl!
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  7. Her interview on Skavlan was good as well, although it hits on some of the same talking points.

    I think I posted this in the politics thread, but it essentially proves her point about misogyny and sexism in Hollywood that Kathy's career has tanked after this photograph came out, but the photographer (Tyler Shields) gets puff pieces in Architectural Digest and, I must admit I'm not in the photography world but doesn't seem to have been run out of town.........
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  8. Well of course not, proves what she is saying. I'm surprised she hasn't said it herself.
    By the way, yes I saw this Sklavan, and never heard of him before, or the tv show.
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  9. Kathy's a mess and a complete hypocrite. She's a trainwreck. She's now body-shaming Andy Cohen, posting letters from anonymous people about how small Andy's penis is. The woman needs mental help. She takes no responsibility for anything. She doesn't even understand politics. Saying that Trump won thanks to gerrymandering proves what an idiot she is. She uses gays as a prop. It's disgusting. As many have pointed out, Kathy shows all the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder.
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  10. I used to really like her, I even paid a ridiculous amount to see her stand-up when I was in America. I think tickets were like over a hundred dollars, but I too think she's having some sort of mental breakdown. She's had a lot of stress put on her, but these rants and posts are just not...pleasant...thats not the word I want, but you know what I mean.
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  11. I can't believe how double standards you are all being here. Wendy Williams is a thousand more hypocritical than Kathy and nobody holds that against her. Kathy knows very well what she is doing, and she is twisting things for her comedy act, and maybe you don't get it, but she is 99% of the time in her comedy act, which is blatantly obvious. So maybe people like shadedeflector should hold back his absurd allegations.
    It's funny how when gays are being ignored they have an outroar, but when someone who is not gay tries to help them then they are using them as a prop. The hypocrisy lies there, not with Kathy Griffin or Lady Gaga.
    And I am gay myself, but I refer to this lot as "them" because I don't recognize myself in that there mess you are trying to paint.

    Kathy body-shaming Andy? Hmmm, he called her ugly before so if she chooses to relatiate this way then I see no issue with it.

    And again I have to point out the bullshit backlash against Kathy because that is what they want you to do. Do not focus or even think of the photographer, don't think of TMZ, and most of all don't think about the fact that this charade was agreed to by Kathy to put on paper what Trump himself said about a woman. But I know, why should we discuss this when it's so much easier to jump on the decimate-Kathy wagon.
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  12. I’m rewatching season 1 of My Life on the D-List. It was such a great show! I’d love to see her live again should her US blacklisting ever end.
  13. I don't think she's a hypocrite, her act was based on trash talk so I don't really care about that, I just think she's under a lot of stress and maybe a holiday would of been best rather than a world tour. I worry for her that is all...and I can't stand Wendy.
  14. I'm eager to watch Laugh Your Head Off. Anyone know if it's beeing filmed and if it'll be released some day? I'm guessing it will as all her other stand ups have been... but I haven't seen any information about this yet.
  15. I was a little disappointed to see Kathy posting comments on Billy Eichner's Instagram to the effect of "would love to hear from you! I hope you're not Team Andy Cohen! I've always thought you were amazing. So did Joan!"

    Like.... leave Joan Rivers out of this.

    Meanwhile if they aren't gunning HARD for Kathy to get on Celebrity Big Brother USA next year, they are missing out on a goldmine contestant. I loved when she and Zingbot went in a few years ago. If celebrities can go on CBB UK to "show the public another side of me," then we should get that too.
  16. I watched her latest special, A Hell of a Story. Has she always added laugh tracks to her live performances? It was so distracting how blatant it was in this latest show; like sometimes the camera was on her and you had these massive laughs, and the next second they cut to the audience and they're not even cracking a smile (I even caught a guy yawning at one point nn)

    I tend to enjoy her specials, but the laugh track was very distracting and I ended up falling asleep.
  17. That doesn't mean it was a fake laugh track - it was probably a dodgy edit. She had to produce it herself as no one would touch her.

    I went to see the show in London and we cheered, laughed and cried in equal measure. It was an incredible experience.
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  18. I have lost track of Kathy these past few years but Life on the D List used to be on E! In the UK. I thought she was hilarious and loved her Mum RIP. I hope she makes a comeback one day.
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