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Katie Pruitt - Expectations (Gay Folk Rock!)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Trouble in Paradise, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. I'm not sure if she has a thread already (I found nothing through my search attempts) but I heard her on my local radio station yesterday and have been obsessed every since! She makes incredible folk rock almost alt-country music brimming with emotion. So many songs I wish I could send back in time to my younger self about figuring out your self and your sexuality, just heart wrenching stuff.

    There's a beautiful piece about her music and her relationship with her family with NPR. Specifically this piece about discussing the song "Georgia" with her mom guts me:

    The song relives her youthful fear that she had no place in the ideal life they envisioned. She read the lyrics aloud to her mother, with a disclaimer of sorts: "It's not going to hurt me to sing it unless it hurts you." Then she sent Jennifer Pruitt the recording and waited; the response came while Katie was hiking in Idaho, out of cell range.​

    "I left her a message and just told her it was a beautiful song," Jennifer Pruitt explains. "And that she doesn't need my permission to put it on her record. That's her prerogative. It really was very touching, very moving."​

    At the same time, she says, "It was very difficult to hear. You know, it's difficult to hear at all, when you're a parent, that your child that you love has gone through some pain and that you might have been the cause of some of that."​

    "Expectations' is the song that caught my ear on the radio. Classic coming of age lyrics and big ole vocals. At times she almost reminds me of LP (who I think @Maki is a fan of?)

    I think @ohnostalgia @Lila @Music Is Life @pop3blow2 should give her album a spin and tag more friends to check out this amazing talent!
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  2. Let me tag @savilizabeths as well just from the description. Will give the album a listen today. Thanks for tagging me Trouble!
  3. I just listened to that 'Georgia' embed above. It's really great! I'll certainly give the album a listen.
  4. This is fantastic. Reminds me of Jewel around the time of Pieces Of You. Also getting Julien Baker vibes.

    I’ve played the album twice now, thanks for posting.
  5. I wasn't aware of this album and artist until I checked the queer music thread. Am glad that I decided to check out Katie's album because it is pleasant to listen to and grabs my attention at the same time. Now I'll listen through the album for the second time. In particular I like the song "Expectations".
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  6. I didn’t know Katie had her own thread! I’ve had this on a semi-regular rotation since release and just found her Tiny Desk set (released 2 weeks ago) today:

    She knocks it out of the park. Hope she gets to tour eventually.
  7. Oh woooow I am instantly obsessed. Her voice is incredible. Major Lissie vibes and the songs have Golden Hour melodies? Gorgeous.
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